Rekindle Your Romance

Sometimes couples that are in long term relationships or marriages find that the romance that once sizzled with excitement has nearly burnt out and become nonexistent. Is there any wonder?? In this crazy world that we live in, our daily lives can easily become all-consumed with work, kids, stress…. and the relationship that we share with our partner falls by the wayside, taken for granted,  forgotten about. Our time is zapped, our energy is zapped and the health of our relationship? Well, we’ll focus on that later when we have time, right?

Well, if you find yourself in this situation and feel badly about it, at least you’ve acknowledged these feelings and realize some changes will need to be made in order to rekindle the romance in your relationship.

– Let’s first look at rebuilding the emotional side of the relationship. Have you been able to really sit down with your partner and enjoy time with him/her lately?  Have you found yourself to be impatient, snippy, not emotionally available to offer comfort and support to your partner?  How about the sexual side of your relationship?  Have you pushed that aside and forgotten about it?  Well, if so, then try to increase the amount of attention you give your partner and improve in these areas.

– How is your appearance? Have you let it go? Have you stopped wearing flattering clothing, gained a lot of weight?  If so, than maybe a makeover is needed.  Get a new haircut, buy some fresh makeup and some new outfits, start exercising. It will boost your emotional mood and make you feel a lot better. I also believe that when a person (in a relationship) begins to take pride in their appearance it becomes infectious and the other partner often feels inclined to participate in improving their overall appearance as well.

– Have the two of you gone out to dinner lately alone without the kids?  If not, try to set up a “date night” and get out of the house and do something fun. If you do dine out regularly and don’t have kids, do you find yourselves constantly going to the same old places because they are close by and convenient?  If so, try to find a new restaurant in a new neighborhood just to change things up.  I would also suggest purchasing tickets to an upcoming musical event or jazz concert just to do something different that is out of the norm and bring some excitement and new stimulus into your relationship.

– How about mini-vacations?  Are you the type of couple that only go away on two lengthy vacations a year and basically dedicate the rest of the year to work, kids schedules, the daily grind? If so, then try to change things up this year. I would still take a long and enjoyable vacation but also try to see if you might be able to save the other days off by taking a vacation day here and there (i.e. a random Friday or Monday) just to get a way and enjoy yourselves. Spending quality time together away from your home when you can focus on each other, relax, participate in sports, laugh, love and build new memories, will definitely help rekindle lost romance in a relationship.

Relationships require work, but the work doesn’t have to be tedious. By putting a little effort into the give and take; in the long run your relationship will become a lot more healthy and loving!