Are you ready to meet the parents?

So you’ve been in that bright, shiny new relationship for a few months now. You love the one you’re with and have finally asked him or her to … MEET THE PARENTS. The holidays are the perfect time to take that plunge and bring a date to your Thanksgiving get-together.

We all know that first meeting with the family can be awkward. Not only is your date meeting your parents for the first time, they’re likely to meet aunts and uncles. Let’s face it, aunts and uncles can ask some pretty embarrassing questions and/or tell stories about your past relationships that went awry.

If this is your first holiday together with each other’s families, we have some tips to make it a little less awkward:

  • If you’re the host family: Tell your mother, or any other relatives most likely to give the third-degree, to take it easy on your date. Nothing is more embarrassing than your mother or father asking your date 20 questions about things you could clue them in on later.
  • Tell your family not to bring up your past loves or any stories that could incriminate you. Once you’ve been with someone long enough, those stories surface on their own. They’re yours to tell in your own time.
  • Do mingle if you find yourself in a snoozer of a conversation or in one that you feel will get confrontational. Simply say, “Excuse me, I’m going to see if the hostess needs some help,” and then get up and move on.
  • If you’re not the host family: Bring a hostess gift. This gift is for the woman of the house who does the cooking. Do not show up empty-handed. A bottle of wine or flowers can go a long way, not to mention score you some brownie points.
  • If you really want brownie points: Send a thank you note. A simple note that says, “Thank you for the lovely evening. Everything was so perfect — from the food to the flowers to the company. I had a wonderful time. Thank you for your hospitality.”

New relationship tips for holiday gifts

With holiday dating, the issue of whether or not to exchange gifts can be confusing. If you’re dating casually, you shouldn’t feel obligated to give a gift just because it’s the holidays. However, if you feel you would like to give your date something thoughtful, keep it inexpensive but something they would appreciate.

It’s good to pay attention to what she or he likes so they will know you care and that you put some thought into your gift. Perhaps a book on a special topic she discussed or a bottle of scotch that he has boosted about. Another great gift idea is pre-arranging a future date together, whether it’s tickets to a play or ball game or an evening of skating in the park.

Remember, certain gifts are going to imply certain intentions. Giving your gal lingerie will certainly hint at the idea that you’re looking for a more sexual relationship, which may be great or could be awkward. Be careful about splurging for gifts dealing with grooming or exercise as they may backfire and cause your date to believe that you are dissatisfied with the way they look and want to change them.

Deciding what to get your special someone for a holiday gift is a tricky proposition, but if you’re thoughtful and pay attention to that special someone it won’t have to be awkward.

So, what are you getting that special guy or gal this year?

Looking for love over the holidays?

With the passing of Halloween, the holiday season is now upon us. We were out shopping the other night and holiday decorations already grace store windows. So, what do you want this year? If you’re looking for that special someone, you’re not alone.

Depending on your point of view, being single during the holidays can be tough … or it can be the perfect time to get out and meet new and appealing people. For those out there flying solo who’d rather be part of a twosome, here are some tips to aid in your search of finding a love connection during the holidays:

1. Let people know you are single and looking to meet someone new:
Broadcast to your friends that you’re looking for Mr. or Ms. Right. Tell them you’re more than willing to accompany another single to a holiday event should they be dateless. Tell your family you might invite someone to their holiday festivities. Perhaps this someone doesn’t have family in the area with whom to celebrate. The main point is to get the word out and expand your social network.

2. Accept every holiday invitation:
It’s difficult to step out of your comfort zone, but holiday parties can help. Unless a holiday party is a challenge to get to or you know an “ex” will be present, make a point of accepting every holiday invitation that comes your way — no matter how unusual, farfetched or random. In fact, the more events you attend the more comfortable you will become to step outside of your safety zone and expose yourself to new groups of people.

3. Be prepared for spontaneous holiday cheer:
Since you’re single, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to receive last minute party invites. If you aren’t a parent, it can be assumed that your schedule is more flexible. Make sure you have one or two holiday outfits ready to wear that are clean, appropriate and festive for any spur of the moment holiday fun.

4. Reconnect with old friends and/or bring a date to an event:
Need a date? It’s perfectly acceptable to consider an old friend or someone you who’s single and searching. The evening is a great way to stroll around and socialize. Tell your friend you’ll be game to be their “date” for the next holiday gathering s/he might be invited to. It’s a great way to network and meet new people!

5. Plan for mistletoe and stolen kisses:
Like mistletoe? Hang out around it at your next holiday party. You’ll be able to strike up a conversation about the mistletoe tradition and even steal a few kisses! While many of your kiss recipients might not be what you’re looking for, you might just like someone that has been strolling around throughout the night. Hopefully, you can make eye contact with them and get them to walk over to your locale … under the mistletoe! You never know. People meet in the strangest places.