From the Archives: Finding Love in the New Year

Are you excited for the new year? We are! Nothing’s better than wiping the slate clean and starting fresh. Whether you’re recently single or just back on the dating scene, now is the time for action.

Take some time to regroup and think seriously about what you want in your dream relationship. Now is not the time to settle.

Check out more of Christie’s tips for finding love in the new year.

A guide to holiday peacocking

This article is a partial reprint from The Washington Post.

By Rachel C. Weingarten, Associated Press

NEW YORK — Stressed out about the office Christmas party or your neighbor’s drop-in bash for New Year’s Eve? You could send your regrets, or show up and hide in the corner while pretending to text all night. Or you could go the other way and dazzle the guests with your outfit, wit and charm. Here’s a guide to peacocking, or how to be the life of the party.
DRESS: “Wear something festive: A colorful tie, an interesting pin or fashionable shoes are great conversation starters,” said Jacqueline Whitmore, an etiquette expert and author of “Poised For Success.” “People tend to gravitate towards people who stand out or look interesting.”
Christie Nightingale, principal of Premier Match, an upscale matchmaking firm, agreed, saying: “Stand out from the crowd by wearing a bright color, like red or emerald green, not black.”
Some experts say a flashy dress, low neckline or wacky hat may not be appropriate for an office or family gathering. But if it’s a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”-style cocktail party with zany music, or your old college roommate’s glam late-night soiree, a sexy sparkling dress or a tangerine tie on a black button down shirt is just the thing.

Holiday flirting

Flirting. We all do it. Whether it’s a gentle touch on the arm or a shy little giggle when your date says, “You have beautiful eyes,” flirting tendencies can just happen sometimes. During the holidays, mistletoe can be the perfect guise to get a smooch from that special guy or gal you’ve had your eye on.

Or, you can take some tips from Rebecca Larue who was Saturday Night Live last weekend. Get ready to giggle.

SNL: Rebecca Larue’s Holiday Flirting Tips

Holiday Dating Tips from the Archives

As holiday parties abound, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the glitz with sparkly dresses and smart looking suits. So, you’re all dressed up. Now what?

Here are some holiday dating tips we gave you last year that are oldies but goodies.

And don’t worry, you still have two weeks to find that perfect, fabulous gift!

Make Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Pad Ready for Romance

By Ann Bingley Gallops, Open Spaces Feng Shui

How can Feng Shui help you create a place that’s ready for romance, paving the way for a loving committed relationship?

From a Feng Shui standpoint your physical surroundings send a message about who you are and what kind of energy you wish to welcome into your life.  Everything from the condition of your space to the art you have on the walls speaks volumes about who you are, and how ready you are to make a soul connection.

When you have “good Feng Shui” in your space, you’ll start to accrue its wonderful benefits: improved energy flow, good health, happy relationships and abundance.

But first your bachelor or bachelorette pad needs to convey a sense of welcome, comfort and safety.

Here are my Top Feng Shui Tips, guaranteed to help you light the spark of romance in your own bachelor or bachelorette pad:

  • Get your home professionally cleaned.
    • Cleanliness is key for a happy relationship, and it’s the number one step to good Feng Shui.  Make your life easier by hiring someone to do the job, especially if it’s been awhile since it’s had a deep cleaning.
  • Set your bedroom up for love.
    • The bedroom is the most important room in your home in Feng Shui.  Set it up for romance with beautiful bed linens, space on both sides for each person, and good bedside lighting — on dimmers! — for each of you.
    • Just as important, remove things that distract from your love life — the TV and computer, books and other papers, for starters.
  • Create a sensual bedroom.
    • Colors and materials count when you create a sanctuary where love can thrive.  Use warm colors in skin tones that flatter you and your partner, and in textures that invite your touch.
    • In Feng Shui, material is important, so choose a bed that’s made of wood, rather than metal.  Wood represents growth, new beginnings and good health in Feng Shui, whereas metal is the coldest element that may turn off your romantic partner.
    • Get a solid headboard that provides you with a “mountain” of support.  You’ll enhance the feeling of safety in your bed, which in turn helps you to relax and have fun with your partner.
  • Examine the art on the walls throughout your home.
    • What’s the message that’s being sent by your art?  Does it lift your spirits when you look at it?  What about the content? Does it say “single,” or does it support “couples” energy instead?  Feng Shui aims for you and your lover to feel nourished and inspired by everything around you.
  • Fix what’s broken.
    • When things are broken or difficult to use, it sets up subtle obstacles which are viewed by Feng Shui as a message that life is harder than necessary and perhaps even unsafe. From the front door to the kitchen to the bedroom, when everything works without question, life is easy and open so romance can flower and grow.
  • Light some candles!
    • Candlelight introduces the Fire element into your home: The Feng Shui element of passion, emotion and touch.  Take full advantage of this wonderful energy, and light a spark for love throughout your space.

I wish you joy on your own romantic journey, in a place that Feng Shui has helped you make “ready for love.”

Author Bio

Ann Bingley Gallops is a Feng Shui expert and the owner of Open Spaces Feng Shui in New York City.

Ann offers private Feng Shui consultations for homes, offices and business, helping clients achieve their personal and professional goals by balancing the elements in their spaces.

Her services include long-distance consultations, space-clearing and blessing ceremonies, and Feng Shui design with a modern, practical approach. Ann also works with interior designers, architects and home stagers to maximize the beauty and value of any space.

Ann practices Feng Shui with an MBA from Columbia University, a Practitioner’s Certificate from the Western School of Feng Shui, and Red Ribbon Professional membership in the International Feng Shui Guild.

Check out Ann’s blog, Feng Shui Tips & Insights, and subscribe to her popular Feng Shui newsletter!