Dating a ‘Shy’

Have you ever dated a shy guy? The one who blushes and smiles sweetly when you compliment him. Or maybe you had to make the first move because he was too timid. Shy guys are awesome.

You don’t have to worry that he’s talking to other women when you’re not around. He probably won’t be arrogant and self-centered. His main goal will be to make you happy … in bed and otherwise.

Now, if you’re shy, snagging the shy guy could be an issue. When dealing with a “shy” it’s important to get that person out of his or her shell. If you both are shy this can be tricky. However, more often than not, women start dating a shy man because he seems sweet. That’s great! We’re all for sweet, but make sure you don’t fall into a lull because he’s insecure about meeting new people or being around people in general. A sweet guy is great, but a sweet guy who knows how to take control is better.

If you can’t handle his social phobia, do something about it. He’s not going to be offended by a gentle push. Take baby steps. If you’re out and you can tell he’s had enough socializing, then leave. Don’t make him stay out. It will only enhance his phobia.

We don’t always want to fix the guys we love, but it is our job to enhance their lives by being in them, and, in turn, bringing out the best in them. Just be kind, gentle and understanding of your guy’s shyness and, eventually, he’ll come out of his shell not only to you, but also to others.

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