Living Single: Approaching a First Date Like a Job Interview

When it comes to a job interview, people make it a point to make sure they show up on time, invest in their appearance and put their best foot forward. So why is it when it comes to dating many single people do not invest in the process as seriously? When you think about it, the techniques are similar. And if someone is serious about finding a lasting relationship, they should approach dating similarly to that of a job interview.

I’ve coached hundreds of singles on their dating approach; often referencing the parallels of dating to a job search.

Here are my 5 key points on how to approach the first date like a job interview:

  1. Be Prompt for that Appointment/Date – To make a lasting impression on anyone, common courtesy is to show up on time.
  2. Dress Appropriately for the Casting Call – You only have one chance to make that lasting impression.
  3. All conversations during the meeting should be balanced – Do not dominate the conversation, and do not let your interviewer dominate either.
  4. Courtesy is Key  –  With dating  – Always show respect to others while on a date, this includes the waiters, the coat check staff, taxi drivers, etc.
  5. Work on Getting the Call Back  – With dating – It should also become a general rule to thank the person you went out with after the date.  Ladies – we recommend calling or texting your date the next day and say THANK YOU.

For more on this, see the video clip above.

Could you bag a celebrity?

We’ve all done it: Fantasized about what it would be like to date or marry a celebrity. You’d travel the world, meet their celebrity friends and have an all-around fabulous life.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy all the benefits of life as a celebrity without actually having to be a talented actor or singer in your own right? Yes, it would! And while the majority of celebs stick to their own kind, there are some stars who have opted to settle down with a “normal” person just like you and me  — only really good looking.

After working in the fashion industry for years, I learned that celebrities want to meet someone down-to-earth as much as “normal” people do. At Premier Match, we regularly fix up celebrities looking for romance with suitable “civilians.” Many celebrities like girl-next-door types and don’t necessarily want to date people in the same industry or meet people through publicists.

Christie with Woody Harrelson at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner 2012.

Woody Harrelson is a good example of this. He met his long-time “civilian” girlfriend back in the 80s while working on “Cheers” and, after 20 years together, they married in 2008. After chatting with Harrelson at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, he agreed that the match ups between celebrities and civilians are better suited for each other.

And it makes sense. When two people are constantly in the public eye, it creates added stress on the relationship. And when you’re in the relationship, you want to encourage your mate, which can be difficult if you’re both in need of serious attention. Two high-profile careers plus a high-profile relationship is usually a recipe for disaster.

Spring Is In The Air, And So Is Love …

It’s time to capitalize on the warmer weather!  As the temperature starts to rise, people shed their coats and their long faces, and the mood lightens as the days brighten.

Studies show that sunlight releases hormones in our brain (oxytocin) which in turn has proven to increase our desire for romance.

Each year during the Springtime, we see a tremendous increase in calls from singles seeking love. Not only do they seem more anxious to get out and start meeting people but they also seem to express a stronger desire to get serious and seek out a special romantic relationship.

Often asked where to go and what to do when the weather turns nice again, Premier Match offers tips on what a single person should do around the New York area to meet and mingle with other singles:

Fresh Ideas for Spring Dating

The Sky Room Bar in NYC.

1. Rooftop Bars: As they say, the view is always better from the top. In New York, it seems the Roof Top Bar concept has become tremendously popular. There are several posh locations that can be enjoyed.

For the 20-30 somethings

Sky Room Bar  –  330 West 40th Street  

Empire – 44 West 63rd Street

230 5th – 230 5th Avenue  

Gansevoort’s Rooftops – 18  9th Avenue

Gramercy Park Terrace

For the 40+ crowd – the more subdued options are:

Kimberly  – The Upstairs –  145 East 50th Street

66 Thompson  – Rooftop Lounge – 66 Thompson Street

Gramercy Park’s Terrace.  –  2 Lexington Avenue

There is nothing more romantic then to meet someone and develop a conversation while soaking up a killer view under the stars!

2. Going to a Street Fair/Festival: Now is the time of year that street fairs and festivals are starting up again.  Sampling exotic foods, checking out local artisans’ works and wears is a great way to spend time meeting others.

Check your local paper for upcoming weekends that have festivals scheduled.  Festivals are going on all over Manhattan and the other boroughs. Many run every Saturday and Sunday in the spring and summer.

3. Biking Together: In and around the city are numerous Bike Paths and Greenways. Spring is a wonderful

View of the Hudson from The Cloisters.

time to take a walk or hop on a bike and head out. Afterwards, grab a drink at a local café and witness how many other people are participating in the same activities! Not only will you feel great getting exercise but you can also meet like-minded “sports types” while taking a break on your journey.

One of the most unique spots in NYC is the Cloisters, an amazing gem that is a branch of the Met Museum of Art, and accessible by bikes.

Bike Tours w/ Rentals of Central Park– Great way to see the park and see more of the park.  They are there from 8 AM to 8 PM.   You can simply do the rentals or also they do offer guided tours. Rentals are hourly or they do offer a day pass rental.

56 W 56th Street

Bike Share – The stations will be set up and run by,  The Citi Bike system will consist of 600 stations and 10,000 bikes, strategically placed across New York City depending on density and relative location to other transit options. The cost: annual pass of $95. An hour costs $4 and the rates increase accordingly. The best part is that you can take a bike one way and then drop it off at another location.

Take in a concert in Central Park.

4. Seeing an Outdoor Concert/Theater Show: Outside concerts and shows are on local calendars, so put one on yours!  This is a great way to see some local bands or local actors and go out for a nice date. Concerts can be a nice icebreaker for a first date.