Successful Women Trusting Romantic Futures to Matchmaker

Well-heeled, self-possessed women on a successful career track age 35-55 never leave their lives to chance, so when looking for a relationship with a man in their league they are turning in droves, to matchmakers like Premier Match. This matchmaking specialist is geared to the very specific needs of these top-tier women seeking either a first marriage after years devoted to career, or to re-marry.

In addition to the increase in successful women seeking long-term relationships, Premier Match has seen a 30% rise in female clients in the 45-64 age category over the past five years, as kids go off to college and divorce rates increase with the age of the marriage.

Yet in cities like New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., where Premier Match has its offices, successful women in the aforementioned category abound and they value discretion. Fear of having profiles hacked and dished to the gossip world has held many successful women back from getting the coaching and matches they deserve (or better defined, “desire”).

Premier Match Founder Christine Nightingale says, “We do get a lot more inquiries from women than men” in New York.

The Daily Beast
The Daily Beast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the trend spotters at The Daily Beast, which featured Premier Match recently: Increasingly, high-powered women are turning to matchmakers—some of whom charge up to $200,000 a year—to help them find love. And we’re not talking someone like Bravo’s cantankerous Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger, who holds cattle calls with random people to set her wealthy clients up with. The new breed of high-end matchmakers is highly selective, running background checks not just on clients but potential dates, and they say they accept, at the most, 25 percent of potential clients, the majority of whom are women.

Research by Premier Match has found key reasons couples in the 45-65 age group are experiencing divorce.

The three key reasons for their divorce

  •      Empty nest
  •      Drifting apart romantically; passion is completely lost
  •      Changing values, interests in life; different views about goals

Three reasons for seeking a professional match making assist

  •      Social circles are a lot more limiting than they are with younger singles.
  •      Singles scenes don’t guarantee quality selection.
  •      Many divorcing after 20+ years feel displaced in a dating scene, uncomfortable with the whole  “dating/courting” situation, but ready to get out there to meet new prospects.

Premier Match was founded in 2000 by Christie Nightingale in New York City. Since then, Nightingale has interviewed thousands of single people throughout the east coast and around the country and has grown the company to include fully staffed offices in New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC. Her database to now includes well over 10,000 members.

Marriage: Trendy in Hollywood

The Newlyweds: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Has the sacrament of marriage become trendy? I shudder to think it, but it has become so. This week, all of Hollywood (and the world) has been a twitter (get it?) with the news of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds‘ secret nuptials.

Quite honestly, I didn’t know who Blake Lively was until this week. Am I the only one? What I have learned is that she’s 25, has entertained a slew of beaus (including one hunky Leonardo DiCaprio), and has been with new hubby Ryan Reynolds for less than a year. And Ryan, honey, do you remember how your impulsive, secret marriage to Scarlett Johansson ended in less than three years? At 35, you should know better. However, I do hope that this doesn’t become Lively’s starter marriage. You make one beautiful twosome. I’d like to see what your children look like.

Regardless, it seems that Hollywood royalty has the itch to get married. And I’ll go back to what I’ve said before: You can pledge your love to someone and not get married. In Hollywood, it’s foolish to get married. Of course we want the best for all of you, but it’s perfectly OK to just be in love without the formality. Buy each other rings and get over the pomp and circumstance of marriage. Is it for publicity? I mean really, I could pick out a multiple celebs plastering the tabloids right now who are getting married or rumored to be getting married. And really, what is Jennifer Anniston doing?

My advice to Hollywood: Get off the bandwagon. Be in love for love’s sake. Don’t get married just because of the publicity that will ensue. When things end badly, you’ll get publicity of the unwanted kind. If you don’t tie the knot and decide to split, there’s no paper trail! We didn’t find out about Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard until two years after they split. Take their lead, wouldya?

What do you think? Is it crazy for celebrities to wed? Let me know in the comments.

Dating: Take a page from NYC Fashion Week

MBFW 2012 – Hardwick (Photo credit: Chealse V)

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is here in NYC! As a former high-end model, I lived through my share of fashion weeks. The hair, the makeup, the shoes and style, style, style. Fashion Week is great, but it’s no place for a date: way too crowded and only celebrities are allowed the pleasure of sitting. You might be able to swing a date for Fashion’s Night Out tonight, but even then, you’ll be ogling all the goodies and not necessarily your date. What I did learn from 13 years in the industry is that how you dress does matter. And so, here are my tips for dressing the part for landing Mr. Right.

Dress Appropriately for the Casting Call – You have only one chance to make that lasting impression. I’ve heard countless times from men that they’re always “wowed” when their date dresses to impress. Of course base the formality of your attire on where you’re going. For an upscale dinner, wear a skirt, dress or nice slacks with a cute blouse. If you’re going to a casual movie, wear a nice pair of jeans and a slightly more dressy shirt than normal.

Flatter your best features. Knowing you’re dressed in a way that puts your best look forward will help you feel confident on your date.

The always stylish Katie Holmes leaving the 9th Annual Style Awards during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City on Sept. 5, 2012

Pay attention to how your clothes fit. If something’s too tight it looks odd, and too baggy looks sloppy and like you don’t care about the date. Aim for a happy medium that’s just right for your body type. Shirts should cover your waist without falling past your derrière; the neckline should be an appropriate cut and one you’ll feel comfortable in, without constantly pulling it up for fear of too much cleavage.

Find colors that work for you. When you’re picking out an outfit, choose shades that flatter your natural coloring. To highlight blue or green eyes, try cool, dark colors such as violet or deep blue. To highlight brown or hazel eyes, try warm, light colors such as coral or off-white.

Highlight your body shape. You can use colors to flatter and set off your build without compromising fit. Dark colors conceal, so wear something darker on an area if you’re self-conscious about it. Light colors highlight – use them to play up the favorite part of your figure.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Since most people aren’t models who spend hours in front of a mirror every day, it can be hard to know what looks good. Ask a friend to help you select a good look – he or she might have already noticed you look better in certain articles of clothing. If you’re going shopping, ask a friendly salesperson for assistance. Most of them love helping people choose flattering clothing, and they have plenty of practice doing it.

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel
Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finish up your outfit. After putting on any accessories, step back from the mirror and take one item away. Like Coco Chanel said, “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.” Remember, your date wants to see you, not your thirty cocktail rings or blinding gold earrings. Remember to bring a jacket for an evening date. Grab your wallet or purse, lip balm, mints and anything else you might need. And then just have fun!

What else can you do to wow your date? Let me know in the comments.