#Relationships: Power of Focus in Attracting Love

We couldn’t agree more with this post by Debi Brandt of Creative Love. You must focus on the love you want in your life in order to attract that love.

Have you been obsessing over how your love life isn’t working and wonder why nothing is changing? Check out this brief lesson in how to focus your mind to attract what you want, not continue to create what you don’t want.


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Attention Singles: Insightful Tips on What to Do this Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day is great for couples, but tough on singles. When a person is single on this romantic holiday, it can feel like everyone else in the world is paired off. What should one do to keep their spirits up?

“It’s imperative that you don’t sit at home sulking on Valentine’s Day. You’ll only feel worse,” says Christie Nightingale, Principal of Premier Match. “Get of the house. Go on a group date with other singles. Just don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself.”


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Winter Doldrums? Plan a Romantic Getaway!

Winter got you down? OK, the weather hasn’t been that bad, but winter is still a good excuse to get out and go somewhere warm — whether that’s to an island or to a cabin with a cozy fireplace.

Think a romantic getaway is out of your league? Whether you’re a beginner at couples travel or a Casanova stuck with a tight budget, with the right tips and tools, you won’t be as clueless as you might think.

Here are some tips to create the perfect getaway:

  • Think about how much time you can take for your romantic getaway. It can be three days to a week, but even one night can be enough if you’re staying close to home. DO NOT attempt to squeeze a far-away destination trip into two days. You’ll be exhausted the whole time and not at all in the mood for romance.
  • Your first decision is whether you want to plan a trip in your home city, in a nearby region, or in another country. As noted above, the amount of time you have may determine the distance you travel. You’ll also want to factor in things like time changes, travel time, and the stress factor of foreign travel into your decision. Whether you choose to go near or far, your trip can still be equally romantic.
  • Keep your budget in mind. If you’re proposing, for example, price might not be an object because you want the trip to be extra special. But if you’re on a shoestring budget staying closer to home can be just as romantic. It’s not so much about the destination as whom you’re with on the journey.

What do you think? Any advice on romantic winter getaways? We’d love to read your responses in our comment section below!

Once a cheater, always a cheater? Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn romantically linked

Does the old cliche “Once a cheater always a cheater” still hold substance? That question should be on the mind of Lindsey Vonn, the new rumored fling of mistress master Tiger Woods.

          Rumors began swirling in November that the pair was an item. Allegedly, Tiger and Lindsey (Liger) recently took time away from their busy schedules in Janurary to spend some romantic time together to Antigua. Is this relationship getting serious? Should Lindsey have faith that Tiger has changed his wicked cheating ways and become a loyal and faithful boyfriend?
          It all remains to be seen. Generally, people with wandering eyes tend to keep those eyes wandering. Plus, both being high-profile athletes can only add to the pressure of a relationship. We do hope for the best, but Lindsey, keep your eyes open.