Great Places to Go On a Date

Young smiling couple in a park

If you are planning a first date with someone special and you’re tired of the basic drinks and dinner routine, why not come up with some other interesting date ideas that you both will enjoy. Here at Premier Match, we often encourage clients to come up with different date options. There are so many wonderful places to go on dates!  Here are some ideas that have worked well for clients, all of which have offered positive feedback experiences:

Be inquisitive about your date’s sporting interests.  Does he/she like to bike, take long walks, play tennis, golf?  If you belong to a club, invite him/her there and play a round. If you live near an area where a long bike ride or walk would be enjoyable, encourage it.  Again, have options prepared and available for suggestion.

Check out “What’s Happening” around town. Museums, galleries and book stores regularly host noteworthy events that are much more exciting than a typical dinner and a movie. Afterwards, a drink or coffee to relax and reflect on the experience will seem appropriate.

Are you into music? Check out the roster of outdoor concerts that are now scheduled this summer and purchase some tickets. Are you both into live jazz? If so, there are several live venues that provide romantic ambiance and make for wonderful date experiences.

How about wine tastings? It seems these tastings have become extremely popular in the past few years. In addition to wine tastings, area restaurants have also promoted tasting events surrounding various beers, scotch and vodkas. These events often include some type of food and overall the date experience can be fun and educational.

So there you have it!  Just a small sampling of what to do and what places to go on a date. Enjoy!

Avoiding Dating Mistakes: How to Make Dating Better

happy couple have a romantic date in a fine dining restaurant, a large chandelier is in Background

Whenever we sign up a new client at Premier Match, there is a high level of excitement with the process. Before a new client even goes out on a first date we like to offer some of our seasoned advice.  We often review this list with new clients, but wanted to share a few of these important tips with all of our readers; this list offers ways to behave in order to avoid common dating mistakes:

  1. Be firm. Offer a couple of evenings that are open and chose a place that you want to go to – or encourage the other party to choose a location. It’s better to know what you want than to sound wishy-washy. Don’t agree to something that you know you’ll be uncomfortable with, like agreeing to eat at a steak house when you’re a vegetarian or accepting a place that you know will be really crowded and noisy.
  2. Be confident. Both men and women like a challenge, so if you’re really hoping that things work out with this person, let things happen naturally and don’t try to force the issue. Infatuation does not grow out of pressure.
  3. Be present. Don’t bring up exes or tell long-winded stories that take you both out of the moment. Enjoy your time together and explore each other’s personalities.
  4. Be available—but not too available. It’s a cliché to not always be available these days, but that shouldn’t be about playing games with someone. While you want to make sure that you still have time for family and friends, understand that dating does require time set aside, so try to balance your availability and organize your calendar.
  5. Be yourself. Sometimes we don’t realize how easy it is to be someone we’re not. If you want to change for the better, than strive to meet your personal goals. But be honest about who you are and where you’re going with your date, and, most importantly, with yourself.

If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to avoid some common dating mistakes. Have these tips helped you? Do you have some others you can share with us?