Learning to Trust After a Betrayal

Like all things in life, trust is about choice; when your trust has been betrayed in a relationship, it is up to you how you want to proceed with the next person you encounter. Trusting people is not always easy and being hurt by someone you trusted makes this process even more difficult. While dating, it is necessary for you to keep the faith and place some level of trust in people if you hope to find that special someone. So, how do you learn to trust after a breakup?

Forgive the person who broke your heart, even if they haven’t asked for forgiveness. Forgiveness is never about the person who hurt you; rather, it is your acknowledgement that their actions aren’t going to control your life- forgive for yourself. Acknowledge the feelings and decide to proceed in spite of them.

Acknowledge the fear you feel as it is usually the closest related emotion to trusting; fear of being betrayed, fear of being hurt, lied to, left alone, etc. It’s a lot easier and effective to acknowledge this than pretend you aren’t afraid. Fear is an emotion that can be worked through or overcome by courage; feel it but have the strength to move forward anyway.

Trust again; decide that the next person or situation is a clean slate that deserves your trust. Feel free to exercise wisdom, and don’t fell pressure to expose or expect too much too soon, Perhaps most important, always refrain from completely shutting down, becoming defensive, and not trusting anyone again. You take a risk when you enter all new relationships- business, personal, or otherwise. Why not choose to offer trust willingly and be pleasantly surprised by how much better that feels than harboring negative feelings