What’s Worse, Loneliness or a Bad Relationship?

The effects that fear can have on our lives can be amazing. University of Toronto researcher Stephanie Spielmann found that 40% of 153 American and Canadian men and women she interviewed feared being alone. The fear of growing old alone, never finding a companion or losing their current partner was among the fears and concerns of almost every person interviewed. You can attribute this to the fact that we as human beings were designed for companionship , but many people in the research admitted to staying in bad or unhealthy relationships just to avoid being alone.

The fear of loneliness and being without a partner or companion is what drove many who were interviewed to ‘settle’. Whether they settled for a relationship with a person they weren’t physically attracted to or a person who didn’t give them the attention they wanted, they preferred having less than they desired over having no one. The fear that nothing ‘better’ would come along in terms of a companion was also a reason people gave for dealing with a bad relationship. For some people, the thought or idea of growing old or navigating life without a partner was more painful than waiting for a partner with whom they could enjoy a happy and healthy relationship with.