Blind Dates: A Dating Ritual Not Tried by Half of Americans

For some, it was “love at first sight,” and for others, the first sight was the first date. Whether set up by friends, family, or a matchmaking/dating service like ours, it turns out that almost half of America’s dating population has been on a blind date! The 57 percent that have not had the experience of blindly meeting a stranger and hoping for a connection are nearly balanced between 56% of men and 58% of women. Perhaps not surprisingly, divorcees were significantly less likely to test the blind date waters than singles with 7:10 singles having enjoyed the pleasure to 1:2 divorcees not blindly dating.

Among those who have chosen not to brave the unknown, the highest demographic by race were Hispanics, by age 18-24, and straight Americans with income of less than $25, 000. Hispanic men and women were 30 percent more likely to have never taken part in a blind date compared to Caucasians. Older Americans aged 65 and up were the most likely to have gone on a blind date and Americans residing in the South were also the most likely to have had the pleasure.


With more Americans than not having had a blind date, research proves that most people enjoy these encounters and look forward to them with high levels of optimism. We encourage blind dates at Premier Match and offer our readers that gentle nudge that if you haven’t tried, give it a shot. While the encounter might feel awkward at first, hang in there, we have witnessed thousands of blind dates that have turned into relationships involving “happily ever after.”

Dinner Still the Most Popular First Date Destination

First dates can be a tricky and yet exciting date to plan. The first date is the first time you will spend an extended amount of time with your partner and not surprisingly, almost half of Americans prefer to have dinner as their first date. According to recent research, forty-nine percent of middle-income earners prefer to sit, eat, and converse over dinner for their first date. Out of that 49%, fifty-one percent of those people were younger Americans. The popularity of dinner as the first date choice over other options most likely speaks to the casual, familiar, and enjoyable time that sharing a meal together has.

Out of those surveyed, 49% of males prefer dinner over females, 50% of straight people over 32% of gay Americans, and 65% of African Americans preferred dinner over 47 percent of both Caucasian Americans and Hispanics. With the number of activities, places to visit, and sites to see throughout every state in America, it speaks volumes that a simple meal is the popular choice for first dates. It would seem that doing something you have to do anyway, like eat, combined with the company of a new person still makes most people feel comfortable.