How to Be a True Gentleman

In our society today, there tend to be two distinct camps when the conversation turns to the idea of what being a gentleman means. One side tends to feel that the idea of a “gentleman” is a thing of the past – and ancient relic. The other side believes that the rules of chivalry have not – and for that matter, cannot ever – be changed. Regardless of this debate, it is our position at Premier Match to coach our men to date successfully by being and acting like gentleman… at all times. Women appreciate appropriate behavior and expect it. So how can you date successfully in today’s society? Here are a few tips that we have put together based on our conversations with both men and women:

1) Good manners. This one seems to be towards the top of the list, whether you are talking to a man or a woman. This is simply a must, and it means not only being polite, but also being in control and well-mannered at all times – regardless of the situation.

2) Always Be the Best You Can Be. No one can be perfect obviously, however, one of the things that define a gentleman is his effort to be a decent and respectful human being. A true gentleman always pushes himself to improve his basic core and tries effortlessly to help others improve themselves as well.

3) Keep Your Promises. This one is self-explanatory. A gentleman respects others and therefore respects their time. So if you say you are going to call someone, follow through and call them. If you say you will meet someone at a certain time, be there promptly. Acting in this manner will help people to trust you- and being trustworthy is a large part of being a gentleman.

4) Be Attentive. Be aware of your surroundings and make sure that your girl is comfortable in any situation. If someone is giving her a hard time or making her feel uneasy, you should absolutely remove her from the situation. Also, be attentive and “in the moment” at all times. This means turning off your iphone and enjoying your time with her – and her alone – during your dates rather than focusing on your next incoming text or email. Unless you are a doctor on call or have a situation where it’s critical that someone can reach you during your date, turn the gadget off and engage the woman in front of you by giving her your full attention.

There are many components that go hand in hand with being a gentleman. The four above are a great starting point. Remember, if you want to stand out from the crowd and impress any woman while dating, we would suggest you review these categories and try to live by them.

The Importance of Confidence

At Premier Match, we meet and work with so many different types of men. Most are very successful in their lives, and from the outside would appear to be supremely confident individuals. However, this is not always the case when it comes to working with prospective clients that are seeking attractive women to date and establish long term relationships.

Why is this? Well, we have found that the core beliefs that someone has about themselves determine how confident they are, and in turn have a great effect on the results they achieve in certain parts of their lives (in this case, dating).

We regularly coach gentlemen who possess good looks, financial security, and are highly educated and intelligent… but for some reason are having great trouble attracting women and courting them. What we discover during our coaching sessions is that these men have flawed core beliefs about themselves- they believe that they may not be attractive enough or interesting enough, or just haven’t dated enough to acquire enough practice when it comes to dating.

Whatever feelings and energy that one is projecting, a lack of confidence can easily be detected by women, and if it is identified, can be a real turnoff.
So gentlemen, what are your core beliefs? Do you feel successful? Do you feel smart? When it comes right down to it, do you feel attractive and sexy?  Do you take charge when arranging a date? Do you have a game plan? Do you follow through with date plans when you’ll say you will? Are you attentive and outgoing when interacting with women?

Once you can be honest about what you’re feeling, learn how to adjust it. Go out on a lot of dates to increase your confidence. You want to make sure that you can boost your confidence level when meeting potential dating partners because when the “right one” comes along, you want to make sure she stays interested!