Dress Code on a First Date

Whether your first date is dinner and a movie, or a picnic in the park – dressing for the occasion means being confident and comfortable. Once you’ve both agreed on the details of your outing, you should start mentally preparing what you will be wearing. You will naturally want to dress to impress – however, a mistake that many people make when selecting their wardrobe for a date is being of the belief that they need to impress their dates over what they feel comfortable in. Obviously you want to look your best and leave a great impression, but don’t try to accommodate what you think your date would like over what you feel good in.

In our experience as professional matchmakers, nothing could be more distracting for you and detract from you having a good time than wearing something that doesn’t fit right or makes you feel self conscious.

Make sure to select fashions that are appropriate for the occasion and are flattering. If you have purchased something new, make sure to test it out beforehand. Sit in a chair and see if anything is tight, bulging, or showing what you didn’t intend to put on display. Can you comfortably walk, sit, and dance (you never know!) in what you’re wearing?

Dressing for a first date should be a fun thing! Show your creative side! but always select styles that will personally make you feel great. Let your clothes complement your confidence, and you will have a significantly higher chance of a successful and enjoyable first date!

Political Beliefs and Dating

At Premier Match, our main objective is to help our clients find the best possible romantic match and extend that match into a long term relationship. As we all know, no two people are exactly the same, and so it goes without saying that there will always be some differences between potential mates. We believe that this is very normal, healthy, and can actually be the cornerstone of a great relationship. After all, if everyone was exactly the same, life would be a bit boring wouldn’t it?
One of the differences that people seem to be the most concerned about is political beliefs. Can you become involved with someone who does not share your political beliefs? Will it cause undue strife in your blossoming relationship? Will you even be able to get along? These are some of the worries that we hear about on a pretty regular basis.
The answers to these questions will obviously vary between individual couples, but generally we have found that differences in political beliefs certainly don’t have to be a deal breaker, and can maybe even enhance a relationship. Consider the following:

-Even if you disagree politically, does that have to have an effect on your relationship? Most issues of a political nature will not be things that will have a direct effect on your relationship. Sure, you may have debate over certain issues, but at the end of the day it is very rare that a political issue is going to involve something that will every directly affect your relationship.
-People are mostly not all “right” or all “left”. You may have someone who’s financial views are conservative, but that doesn’t mean that every single belief that they have will be of a conservative nature. The same goes for someone with a more liberal view of things. Chances are that if you find someone that you are comfortable with, in most other ways, their belief system will probably have at least some things in common with yours.
What we see then is that political beliefs tend to have a similar effect on relationships as other types of beliefs and preferences. You might prefer vanilla ice cream, and she might prefer chocolate. That doesn’t make you in any way incompatible- and differences in political beliefs shouldn’t either.