Planning an Engagement Party

Close up on man putting on ring during marriage proposal in a classy restaurant

Congratulations! You popped the question and she said yes and now the two of you want to celebrate with those who are closest to you. The time has come to plan your engagement party, but where do you begin?

Engagement parties are a great time to begin brainstorming wedding ideas with friends and family and to celebrate your new “off the market” status.

With your budget in mind, you may want to first decide if your own home or the home of a relative or close friend can accommodate the number of guests you want to invite. Engagement parties are intimate affairs so you don’t need to try to invite everyone who will be a wedding guest. It is perfectly acceptable to keep your guest list to family, potential wedding party friends, and some other people with whom you are very close.

Together, as a couple, you can next decide the menu, the time of day, and the date of the festivities. It’s recommended that you send out invitations two weeks in advance and prepare a little speech for your guests.

As the party unfolds, you’ll want to thank your guests for attending and you may even want to share some stories or memories with those friends of yours who are meeting your partner for the first time. Engagement parties are exciting events and food, family, friends, champagne, and music make for the perfect combination for this exciting time. Don’t stress too much over the details of the engagement party-  you will have plenty more wedding stresses in your near future; instead, focus on fun and the exciting anticipation of being married!