Are men hardwired to be attracted to younger women?

It appears true! A recent study concluded and justified mens’ desires.

Yes, we all know that men have been attracted to younger women and are often given a hard time over this admission. Even at Premier Match, we have noticed that men regularly confess that they are more attracted to younger women and would like to meet younger women in our database. Why?

Well, it seems that a recent study in Scandinavia discovered it’s just the way they are hardwired. It appears men long for women in their 20’s/early 30’s because these women are at the prime of life and also the prime age for child rearing. Overall, the gentlemen in the study admitted that they found women in this age range to be the most alluring. Even if these men did not want children or have them already, for some reason they are just drawn to women in this age range. In other words, they just can’t help themselves! It turns out that men don’t just desire younger women for a chance to relive their youth; they are actually genetically predisposed to 20-somethings seemingly for the sake of procreation!

Now for women ~ the study revealed the ladies typically seek out and are attracted to men who are their age or are 1 to 4 years older than themselves. The women confessed that they typically seek out older men as partners because it satisfies their comfort level.  Even if these women were not looking to have children or have them already, they are just drawn to men that are older, simply because it gives them a sense of security, resources, and the feeling that these men are “sharing the weight” in life.

So whether or not you feel the same, these findings appear to be more biological than just personal preferences! Interesting….

Some Ideas on How to Start Your Marriage Off On the Right Foot

Here at Premier Match, we have become accustomed to our clients entering into successful relationships. As such, we have seen many, if not 80% of them forming long lasting relationships. We have also married off hundreds of clients over the past two decades and many of them have invited us to celebrate their unions.

So, for those of you that have recently gotten married. . Congratulations!! We raise our glass to you! Now to keep that marriage going strong, here are some helpful tips to make sure it gets off to a great start~

Focus on Good Communication

Strong communication is one of the most important qualities any couple can have. When we say “strong” communication, we mean that both partners must always “hear” what the other person has to say without bringing any defensiveness into the conversation. Different couples will have different patterns of communication throughout their relationship. It’s imperative for you to identify both weak and strong spots in your communication early on in the relationship so you can work towards fixing these problems.

Organizing Your Finances

One of the biggest stress factors for newlywed couples, almost without fail, revolves around finances. When a couple decides that they are going to share a life together, it is important to make sure that there are no secrets whatsoever being kept on either side. This includes being honest about any bad spending habits, or being willing to compromise on your overly frugal ways. Make sure your partner knows about all your financial indiscretions before you decide to comingle your bank accounts.

Setting Expectations

We would suggest that you and your partner create a list of goals at the beginning of your marriage and come back to that list regularly to see how you are progressing. Obviously, since few things in life are perfect, this list may require some changes along the way. Even so, writing out both individual and joined goals can set up a working roadmap eventually leading to the end goal you both have in mind for your life together.

Every couple who has decided to take the plunge into marriage needs to be conscious of starting off on the right foot in order to ensure a growing, prosperous relationship. We at Premier Match have seen time and again that the above three tips can be an excellent starting point in accomplishing this.