The Importance of Humor In Dating

It is often said that he (or she) who laughs, lasts. Apparently, the same can be applied to romances that last. According to a recent study, twenty-five percent of Americans say that a sense of humor is the single most important quality in a partner. Out of over one-thousand people asked, 34% of people who earned between $100k to just under $125k said humor was at the top of their list of qualities. It’s no surprise that Americans who were more financially secure found humor as the most important quality. Logically, when you eliminate the stress and worry of money, you can spend more time having fun and laughing.

Females and gay Americans ranked higher in listing humor as their top quality, while the over 65 age group, black American population, and divorced groups were the lowest populations in ranking humor as important. In total, one in every four Americans responded that a sense of humor was the quality they found most attractive and sought out in their first date partners.

Humor has also long been linked to intelligence, so seeking a partner who can make you laugh and who can also take a joke is a good indicator of a thinker and a person who was of significant mental intelligence.

So, to all those singles out there- loosen up, find the humor in life and be prepared to share a laugh on your first date!