6 Dating Mistakes to Stop Now!

Are You Scaring Him Off With Your Friends?

Let’s be honest- no one wants to be in the dating game forever. At Premier Match we see both the good and the bad aspects of dating and we also get tons of feedback about what our clients feel are things that should not be done. With that in mind, we put together a list of 6 things that women who are dating should stop doing:

1.    Stop bringing your girlfriends. There’s a time for hanging out with your gal pals, and when you’re looking for a date, that isn’t the time. As bold as men try to come off , they are generally pretty shy, and when you are surrounded by or hanging with a group of girls, men are too scared to approach you. Approaching a woman and asking her out is scary enough; no man wants to do so in front of a girl’s too, and risk being publically humiliated. Instead, grab a coffee alone every now and then, or relax after work by yourself at the bar for happy hour. The less people you are with, the more approachable you are.

2.    Stop trying to persuade him. Unlike women, men are not complex creatures. They see things in black and white- as yes or no- so when they first meet you, they know right away whether they like you or if they are interested in dating you. So don’t waste your time trying to change his mind or convincing him to ‘give it some time.’

3.    Stop unproductive dating. Your time is valuable, and life is short. If you have found that your last handful of dates have turned out to be with people who weren’t your type, who were wrong for you, or who you never saw for a second date, stop for a minute. Take some time away from the dating scene and focus on yourself. You attract the energy that you emit, so if the ‘wrong’ types of people have been approaching you and asking you out, you need to address what’s going on with you in order to change that.

4.    Stop spilling the beans. It’s very easy when dating to over-share information. You want to get to know the person you’re on a date with, and you want him to get to know you, but you end up telling and sharing way more than you should, and way too early in the relationship.

5.    Stop hogging the conversation. If two of you are on a date, two of you should be having a conversation. Date talk is a back and forth, a talk some and listen some process. If you find yourself asking more questions than you’re receiving answers, or talking ten minutes compared to his 2 minutes, you aren’t allowing him to converse with you and therefore you’re learning little about him.

6. Stop forgetting your manners. No adult should have to be reminded to be courteous, express gratitude, and to be thoughtful. But especially on a date it is important to be friendly, smile, make eye contact, offer a compliment, and of course, always use please and thank you.