2015 : New Year’s Dating Tips

The New Year has begun! You have made your resolutions, you’re ready for a new you and it’s time to prepare yourself to find a beautiful partner to share your life with.

Enjoy these tips in the New Year. We have seen the proof that they work and could offer you that extra jump on your dating life in 2015. Read on:

Who Are You?

“More personal than an elevator pitch, less detailed than an autobiography” Create a list that describes who you are. This list should include everything from your interests and physical attributes, to what makes you laugh and what your goals are. Before you can introduce yourself to someone else, you must first know who you are, what you value, and what you’re seeking to find.

Is That You?

No one likes being deceived, whether intentionally or not. Be sure to have a friend with a steady hand take some high quality pictures of you. Playful and fun, sitting portraits and some shots with friends; express the sides of your personality through pictures and show people who they can expect to meet in person.

Make Time

We’re all busy, but we all seem to make time for the things we like doing. As we progress into this New Year, schedule time every month to go out on at least two new dates, and push your self to at least explore second dates with some of them. Obviously you’ll want to vet those that don’t meet your top priorities, but with the ones that you “sorta” like, make the time to get to know them better and schedule a second (or even third) date with them.

Right, Not Wrong

When you meet, speak with, or go out with someone new, focus on the things that they do right, areas they’re strong in, and what they bring to the table. Don’t spend your time focusing on everything they don’t offer or what they are doing wrong.

Say It With Your Eyes

There is a lot to be said about the power of a wink, eye contact, and a smile. Overall men and women are somewhat reserved when it comes to approaching strangers. Use subtle communication with you eyes and try to smile. One of the biggest complaints we receive when clients go out on dates, is that they do not have good eye contact, and they need to smile more. So be aware of this when going out on dates.

A Brand New Year – Free yourself of Emotional Baggage

There’s no better time than the start of a brand New Year to start fresh in many areas of our lives. For those who are single and dating, that fresh start should include moving forward into new relationships without carrying emotional “baggage” from the past.

Picture a small child packing a backpack to prepare for school. That’s what we, as adults, sometimes do- we fill our mental backpacks with all the items, problems, issues, and difficulties we experienced in previous relationships and we shoulder them. We carry them around with us and we bring them into our new relationships and before you know it, they sabotage our chances for advancing.

Whether your backpack is filled with what-ifs, why’s, what could have been’s,  fears, thoughts, or stories that don’t serve you… let them go!  Take the backpack off, leave behind the baggage of whatever failures, hurts, or mistakes you or your previous partner made. It’s easier said than done, yes, but it’s entirely possible to leave the past in the past. Bring with you the memories, the things you learned, the growth you experienced, and offer those feelings towards your new partner. It’s inevitable that things that are less than ideal will happen in our lives, but it is empowering to know that we all have a choice as to what we choose to hold on to.

So, for this brand New Year, free yourself!  Put down the backpack and embrace the new! The quicker you are to release it, the better you will feel.