Do Soul Mates Exist?

When the term “soul mate” is mentioned, most people have one of two reactions; they either roll their eyes in contempt about the whole idea, or they smile and fill up with warm and fuzzy feelings. For years it seems that most people have bought into the soul mate concept ~  the notion that there is one true love out there that will sweep them away, a prince/princess that is perfect in every way, a fantasy relationship that will evolve into a fairy tale wedding which will then begin a life’s journey of happily ever after.

However, realistically if you’ve been through a series of relationships, dating, marriage, or otherwise, you probably feel that a soul mate is simply a term that  should not be tossed around so lightly.

Over the years, most adults who previously subscribed to the soul mate idea have come to understand that they are the common denominator. So, if you are the person who has gone through soul mate after soul mate, you might need to examine what it is that you expect from a relationship and wake up to a new reality!

Let’s examine this: What is the story you’ve been telling yourself? That Mr. or Ms. Right will come along and check all the right boxes of your criteria and be a perfect fit? Maybe a good idea would be to try and change your thoughts and switch your perspective to one that acknowledges that a true mate is a person who stretches you, who challenges you, who causes you to want to be and do more. A true mate is a person who will love you unconditionally; not just a lover who will stick by you during you successes, but will also be there to support you when you fail. A true soul mate is a person who sees you for who you are, and will hang in there for the long run.

Of course, your part and contribution is also to be loving and supporting; be a soul mate in return.