Ladies – Do you feel Him Pulling Away? What to Do…

You just started dating someone recently, and things were going strong, but lately, he has been distant. If you’re not ready to write him off just yet – here are a few strategic tactics to try.

Don’t be so Available – If he calls at 9 pm to ask if he can come over, don’t take the bait! Tell him you’re in for the night and let him schedule real plans later. Most women make themselves more accessible when they feel a guy fading away, but that only gives him a pass to treat you with less respect.

Continue to Remain Good Company – It’s easy to act annoyed when you don’t know where a person stands, but that only creates more distance. Instead, when you do see him, bring your A-game. He will start to question why he’s letting a woman so charming potentially slip away.

Make it Known you’re Doing Fun Things – There’s no harm in mentioning your cool plans; plans that do not include him. He’ll feel a little left out – and wonder who might be hitting on you when he’s not there. Keep him guessing…

Say you’re OK with Space between you – and Mean it!  If his vibe is really getting to the point where you’ll need to have “a conversation” about his recent actions, mention something like this: “I’m feeling some confusion, which is fine, but I’m going to take some space, so I don’t get too close to someone who’s not sure what he wants.” This will give you some of your power back.

We always empathize with women when they experience this type of behavior. We try to coach and encourage them to stay strong and hold on to their self-worth. The last thing you want to turn into is the insecure and needy woman – for that type of behavior will surely ruin any chances of a relationship continuing!

Bear in mind, if he is showing obvious clues that he’s trying to “exit” the relationship, it’s best to acknowledge this, hold your head high and take action. You deserve to be with a man that desires you and wants to continue to spend time with you – not keep you in a state of confusion as to where it is going.