8 Keys to Love in the New Year

You found love, so now here are some tips to keep it going strong throughout this next year!

If you’ve found the love of your life this past year – fabulous!  I bet the holiday season was amazing for you! Below is a list to keep your love alive and keep it flourishing. Enjoy! Spread the love!

1). Cultivate the passion you’ve developed with your beloved through ongoing adventure, laughter, strong communication, and guidance.

2). Keep remembering why you’re grateful for your love.

3). Share, share, share with your love—as we know love can turn cold and wither away if ignored for too long. Be aware of this.

4). Treat your darling as your best friend and keep “respect” alive.

5). You found an incredible person to love – enjoy the magical adventure that only true love from the heart can produce…then let the rest of us bask in your glow because deep down we know that’s what life is all about.

6). When you find yourself dissing or complaining about your love, pause and consider if you feel that way about yourself and try to imagine neutralizing it in your mind and transforming it into love and then share the love feelings (either in your mind or verbally if you voiced an insult to a loved one).

7). If any feelings of unhappiness or uneasiness about a beloved continue to surface, ask yourself what it is teaching you and see if there’s something to learn from this experience.

8). If in an argument with a loved one and you’re arguing a point while feeling moved to hug them, kiss them or say something outside of the argument that is loving (I’m sure you’ve felt this feeling) go ahead and follow your instinct and give them the love your feeling. It will go a long way, and may even defuse the argument altogether.

That’s our list! – So may your New Year be filled with love—love you give out and the beautiful love you will receive in return!