September Romances in Full Swing!

Summer might be over but September is a great time to find romance. While the summer months offer beautiful weather for singles to enjoy outdoor activities and social events, the month of September in many ways can even be even better. It’s a great time to enjoy cooler temps, socialize and attend events and meet other singles that are seeking romance. Here are few fun ideas to consider enjoying this month:

WATCH A MOVIE OUTSIDE – Yes, many cities and towns are still showing movies outside during September. If you haven’t yet done this, try going this month! Check the town’s listings and go watch a movie outdoors. Everyone brings their blankets and picnics with friends. You’re single, so you’re game, right? You’ll find it’s easier than ever to meet singles on a Wednesday evening.

GO TO A BALL GAME – Even if you’re not a super sports fan, baseball games epitomize fun, and they are also a great way to meet people. Grab a few friends and don’t be afraid to talk to that cute person sitting behind you – it’s a guaranteed good time.

PLAY MINI GOLF – Golf gets a bad rap and many of us just don’t have the time to invest hours to play 18 holes. It’s slow, and even its pro athletes aren’t exactly in peak physical condition. But mini golf? Everyone loves mini golf!! Its one sport everyone can play, and guess what – it makes for fun interacting with others that are also playing “the course.” There’s probably a mini course near you, all you have to do is find one. It’s especially hilarious to play this game after a few beers or glasses of wine.

FARMERS MARKET FUN – These days, farmer’s markets are year-round, but farmers’ markets during the summer and fall are simply the best. From tomatoes and corn to melons and peaches, the food is fresh and juicy. And while you might have frequented one of these markets several times this summer, why not go this next time and just “browse.” You might just notice a lot of attractive people there!

FALL BEACH TIME BLISS – While the beach was great during July and August, September can be even a better! Try it out. You’ll pleasantly notice the crowds and screaming kids are gone, the weather isn’t sweltering, and the ocean is still warm and inviting. Also, because the beach is a bit more laid back now, people tend to socialize more with those stationed around them. Believe it or not, it is a prime pickup zone. Give it a try. Even if you feel you’re “beached out” after enjoying the past few months in the sand, this after-the- summer vibe you’ll experience in September is just delightfully different. Also, keep in mind, it won’t be long before the frigid temps of December arrive, so get out there and enjoy these remaining weekends we have!!