Dating Over 40

Dating at any age requires time, energy and work, but dating after 40 can seem even more exhausting! When you are over 40, it seems that most of your social circles have now fragmented ~ your friends have either moved away or you have. Many are now married with family demands and kids; work colleagues may not be close enough for you to socialize outside the office with.  So what do you do? Go to bars and social events solo?  It is tough making new connections out in the social scene.  We hear it all the time at Premier Match. Even I (Christie Nightingale) the owner, find it exhausting. I go out regularly to social events to network. It isn’t easy going up to strangers and initiating chit chat.  So what can you do to get out there and meet people other than sit at home and surf online?

•    Engage in activities you enjoy, not things you know others enjoy. If hanging out in bars brings you no joy, don’t go. Find a class or activity that you’d be glad to do alone and meet people who share your interest.

•    Always be welcoming and approachable. No matter where you are, while you are in public, people surround you and some of these people might be single and interested. Smile at people, make eye contact, and be willing to spark up a conversation or carry one out with a person who starts one with you.

•    Look the part. Be a person who carries themselves with pride and confidence. Dress as if you are taking care of yourself. No one wants to ask a person out who doesn’t value personal care. Go out well groomed and comfortably dressed in clothes that make you look and feel your best. You don’t have to step out of the house dressed to kill every day, but look in the mirror before you leave and ask yourself, “Would I date me?”

•    When someone asks you out, say yes. Don’t run through a list of questions in your head or immediate retract and think or reasons to say no. Be open to at the very least making a new acquaintance. Your first date can be short and casual, so that if you aren’t enjoying their company or don’t feel comfortable, you know it will be over soon.