Holiday Gift Giving

Make this Year’s Gift Giving Stress-Free and Fun!

You’ve just starting dating someone that you really like and now the Holidays are in full swing. You know you’ve got to get them some sort of present for the gift exchange, but what? You don’t want your gift to be too big and scare your new guy/gal away or too small and insignificant that it makes you look like you haven’t put any effort into it. There has to be a delicate balance. So to help you out, here are some gift ideas that we feel are appropriate, as well as which ones to avoid:

Gifts that are Appropriate

1). Clothing/Accessories/Fragrances
Scarves, gloves, hats — basically items that are one size fits all. Plus its winter here, so any item that will keep us warm will be useful.  Other suggests: For guys – If they are into sports, get them their favorite team’s jersey and/or any other sports related items. For women – we can always use another silk scarf or a small fancy purse to accessorize our wardrobe. Also, fragrances are always great gifts and during the holiday season, all of the department stores sell fragrance Xmas gift boxes that include the  perfume, shower/shave gel, and body lotion. Just make sure you know what your guy/gal likes before you purchase anything!

2). Books
Consider the following: There’s a book she’s always wanted to read but never got around to it or there’s a new book from an author he’s said is his favorite. That’s when a book is a good gift. It shows you’ve been listening and take interest in their life and it’s something you know they’ll like.

3). Jewelry
This mainly applies as a gift idea for the ladies. Costume jewelry is an acceptable gift. It’s whimsical and light-hearted. Go into any hip fashion boutique and they usually have on display costume jewelry that’s hot this season. Pick up a couple bangles with different colored stones in them or a stylish necklace with colors you know she’ll like.  Go for it! Just make sure you have a pretty good idea of her fashion sense and taste.

4). Hobby-related gifts
If your new partner has talked enthusiastically about a certain hobby they love, then take notice and purchase something that can be used towards this hobby.  If they are into ethnic cooking, look into purchasing some spices, recipe books and/or cook ware that will enhance this cooking. If they are into drawing or painting, maybe purchasing some new brushes or sketch pads, smocks, whatever. Anything that will show you’ve listened to what interests them and have paid attention to what they enjoy doing.

Gifts to Avoid

1). Don’t buy anything too expensive.
For a new relationship, it’s best not to spend more than $30 to $50. Anything over that price might make your new guy/girlfriend feel like you’re taking the relationship too seriously, too fast. Plus, if your partner has gotten you something less lavish, it will make for an awkward situation.

2). Stay away from cheap gifts that are small/simple.
On the other end of the spectrum, don’t get a gift that is too small. While you don’t want to overspend, you also don’t want the gift to be something too generic. The key is to show that you’ve enjoyed the time you’ve spent so far, have listened and learned a bit about them and would like to continue down that road.

3). Stay away from gifts that are too personal.
It’s not a good idea to give something that injects yourself into your new guy/girlfriend’s life too fast. You have to let the other person open up their life to you at their own pace. Getting too intense, too quickly is a sure-fire way to creep her/him out.

4). Avoid gifts that can send the wrong message.
This is straightforward enough. If you can imagine your new guy/girlfriend reading too much into something or interpreting the meaning of an item in a different way than you intended, leave it at the store and walk away.

5). Avoid gifts that are too impersonal.
Gift cards are the worst!  Don’t get me wrong, gift cards are appreciated in general, (heck, my own sister requests that I give her one every year as her gift, and I ask for one in return) but for a new relationship? No way! They are too impersonal and show you haven’t put any effort into the gift. I mean, if you can pick up a few at the checkout counter at the supermarket (like gift cards for Itunes, Century 21, TJMaxx etc.), don’t you think your new love will notice that you didn’t put much thought into their gift? Just avoid gifts cards, please!