Need a Dating Cleanse for the New Year?

Here are some tips on how to make this year a better year for dating and achieve the goal of find that lasting relationship!

The hangover of the holidays is over and your New Year resolutions should be in force.

If you’re single, did you include resolutions about your love life? Have you thought about what you’d like to achieve in that category this year? Even if it is later January, you still have time to make changes in your life that will result in a better you.

This year, it would be wise to stop wasting precious time on people who don’t have your best interests in mind. Let’s hit the “refresh” button when it comes to your romantic pursuits! Take some time out to reflect on old experiences, evaluate your current situation, and see if you need to shift your thoughts and take action:

Are you ready to focus only on building a solid foundation in relationships?
Architects don’t design buildings just for the fun of it. Instead they make sure that their hard work will result in a beautiful skyscraper that has a solid foundation. That is the same mindset you need to have when it comes to dating. Put effort into relationships that you know could potentially result in a ring on your finger and a walk down the aisle. Even if you aren’t looking to get married, invest in someone who has all of the qualities that you desire in a life partner.

Let go of what no longer serves:
You may be holding on to a relationship that clearly has run its course, but are you still in it simply because you’ve gotten used to it? Do you feel stuck? Are you afraid to let go? Don’t resign to the fact that since “you’ve been together for so long” you should just stick with it; especially if you know deep down inside it’s not a good relationship for you and one you should definitely not be in moving forward into the future. Try to talk to friends and family for support. Make this year the year you need to change – and this relationship is one of the things that needs to end. Only when you break loose will you have the opportunity to meet someone of substance and build a life for yourself that will be something that you truly deserve.

It’s a Year of Emancipation!
This year should be YOUR year of emancipation! It’s time to cleanse your heart of the waste that your current romantic situations have clogged it with. Do whatever you have to do. Delete those numbers. Unfollow him/her on Twitter and Instagram. Cut off mutual friends. You don’t want to look back a year from now and be in the same predicament.

After you’ve gone through the Dating Cleanse – Here are some tips on what to do next:

Schedule time! Stop making excuses about finding love. You are always going to be “busy” and have upcoming commitments. You will not find love by not going on dates. Now is the time!! Embrace your confidence and put yourself out there.

Be approachable! Get off your phone and talk to new people! When you are out, try to do what older folks did when they were single a decade or two ago. Look around and make eye contact. While your smartphone may act as a crutch especially when you’re waiting alone at a bar, or are on the elliptical at the gym, etc., try to put it down, look around and if you see someone who looks nice, smile! Be genuine in your approach. Believe it or not, people will be receptive to this! It shows you’re confident and outgoing and willing to take risks.

Try different dating methods. When it comes to starting a new dating search, try to take it slow and easy. With so much choice out there it can be really tempting to dismiss people quickly. Try to limit yourself to one to three dating sites/apps. Don’t waste a lot of time messaging back and forth- meet in person to see if there is a connection.

Hire a matchmaker! Working with a matchmaker is a great way to meet quality singles in a curated, customized experience. In addition, the coaching and relationship counsel that is included may help you redefine your search and add to your personal growth. Ever wonder why you previous first dates never resulted in scheduling second dates? Discussing feedback can be critical with your matchmaker in figuring out what issues are coming up in conversations and what other actions may be causing self- sabotage. Guaranteed you will learn a lot about yourself during this journey and you can truly improve your dating skills and increase your odds in finding a lasting relationship!