Online Division

Let’s Enhance your Overall Search, and tap into the Online Arena!

Premier Match can incorporate a unique Online Search Management Package into your membership. We’ve done the research and honed our skills for the most effective methods of creating and marketing online dating profiles for our clients.

We are fully aware that if you’ve tried to conduct your own online search it can become a frustrating and time consuming matter – finding the right words to describe yourself, choosing the right photos, sifting through hundreds of profiles, keeping up with the mountains of inquiries and responses; with all this work involved it can feel like another full-time job!

With Premier’s Online Search Management Package your online profile can be personally managed for you. This way you can recapture your precious time and allow Premier Match to provide you with all of the positive benefits online dating can offer, without lifting a single finger!! In addition, your online search experience is guaranteed to be more rewarding. The insight and guidance that our team will provide you with will be invaluable throughout this entire search process.

Here’s how it works:

  • Premier Match can arrange a meeting with you to determine if an online search package would benefit your personal search.
  • We will then assist in creating or reviewing, editing, and enhancing your existing online profile.
  • You will receive a photo analysis of existing photos and see if additional photos are needed. (Referrals of professional photographers are on hand if necessary).
  • The online search begins – hundreds of profiles will be reviewed and vetted, crafty engaging emails with be sent to choice profiles, resulting in getting the responses you want.
  • You’ll be provided recommendations and information on potential candidates’ profiles of whom you can review and choose to pursue, (knowing already they are interested in you).
  • You are then offered contact information of selected individuals and can reach out to them directly and schedule a date.

Just think, no more dating burnout, time wasted, or frustration. We can help you enjoy dating again, make it fun, and take the drudgery out of an online search!

Success Stories

Another Wedding ~ Premier style! Owner Christie Nightingale proudly attended the ceremony of Roger and Carole Peters who held a private wedding reception in Greenwich, CT. The NY Premier team were also invited and shared in the celebration –Congratulations to Roger & Carole Peters!

And here's another Premier Success Story! Attending the beautiful wedding of Dan & Mary Ellen Willis, Owner Christie Nightingale & the Premier Team toasted to their nuptials. The couple met 2 yrs ago through Premier and have kept in touch during their courtship, inviting us to their engagement parties, and now their wedding. We couldn't be happier for this couple as they begin their new lives together. –Cheers to Dan and Mary Ellen Willis!