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How to Find and Date a VIP
"Finding the man, or woman, of your lavish dreams may not be a far-fetched dream. According to Christie Nightingale, the VIP matchmaker and owner of Premier Match finding someone special is about being strategic and socializing in the places that high profile people frequent. 'Regardless of where they are in their success we all have a human need and that is to find love and to find a relationship for the long term.' says Nightingale. Local hot spots to mix and mingle with VIPs were featured."

Premier Match: Christie Nightingale Matches Washington's Elite
Premier Match clients hail from some of the most recognizable landmarks in Washington. They're some of the biggest power players who pay big money.. all to find love. Premier states they thoroughly screen applicants' backgrounds and match them with potential love connections. "I've got clients that are very powerful; working at the Pentagon, and some are policy makers," Principal Christie Nightingale says. Nightingale states that more people are turning to dating services, instead of searching through the hundreds of strangers online. "It's lonely at the top," she says. "When people are very successful, they don't have a lot of time nor the social circles to mix and mingle within to find quality singles."

New York Valentines
"Premier Match owner Christie Nightingale was interviewed offering the latest locations around town for Valentine's Day; regardless if you have a date or not, the holiday can be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate love and friendship amongst family and friends. Nightingale provided tips and suggestions on what to do and what to give during this Valentines Day. Nightingale also explained how her services have been responsible for hundreds of marriages and thousands of long term relationships during the past decade."

Block Your Ex-lover from Appearing on Your Social Media Outlets
"Trying to forget your ex? Well there's a new web application, sort of like cyber whiteout, that let's you select certain names online and thereafter they won't show up on Facebook, Twitter and Google! It can be very helpful for single individuals that are having a hard time getting over past relationships. Dating expert Christie Nightingale felt the application could be very helpful for some. 'There isn't any point to be continually reminded as to what your ex is doing; who h/she is communicating with if you share cyber real estate with friends and colleagues.' Nightingale continued stating that the only way you can move on emotionally from a past relationship is if you close that chapter and clear your head/heart of it."

The Cougar Phenomenon
"There seems to be a common trend in relationships these days ~ older women seeking younger men to date. It's called the Cougar Phenomenon. No longer considered odd, these relationships have received widespread acceptance and have spurred a flurry of big and small screen productions that highlight this new demographic shift; add to it the many celebrated Hollywood romances between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, and Nick Connon and Mariah Carey to name a few. 'I certainly have seen an increase of women asking to date younger men,' states Christie Nightingale, Principal of Premier Match.'While I respect that women are exercising different options and can feel comfortable with their decisions, I have not seen an increase in men that have been open to this type of relationship. The single men that I represent seem to feel more comfortable dating women their age or of course younger.'"

Electronic Epidemic Disconnects Many Would-be Couples
“Before e-mail, texting and tweeting, people used the phone or met in person to arrange dates. But relationship experts have seen a significant change in the way people are connecting and in this new age of technology it seems to be short circuiting romance to the lowest level. Premier Match’s founder Christie Nightingale was featured on the segment offering examples on the ways high tech methods can ruin romance like by prolonging the time it actually takes to connect! Nightingale offered tips and advice on how to avoid falling into this cyber trap in order to make the right romantic connection.”