The CBS Morning Show 

Dating can be extremely time consuming; it can seem almost like a second job when trying to search for someone right. Premier Match and their services were featured on the Morning Show. One of Premier's high end clients described the process and how effective the matchmaking procedure was during his personal search.

Early Show (WUSA) 

Dating during tough times doesn’t have to be a downer or break the bank! Christie Nightingale, Principal of Premier Match offered viewers suggestions of popular first date encounters, a collection of ideas provided by her clients’ date feedback. What she revealed is that a lot of singles are shifting away from fancy restaurant dates and enjoying more intimate encounters that are lasting longer ~ attending lectures/book readings with cocktails afterwards, taking long walks/bike rides, entertaining at home, cooking dinners and attending festivals. “If the dates last longer, the couples will have an opportunity of getting to know one another better which may result in a higher percentage of them getting into lasting relationships.” states Nightingale. While the dates may seem like an old fashioned way of couples getting together, if the end result is achieving a relationship, maybe longer lasting cheap dates are the answer!