Surprising Your Valentine at the Office - You Might Want to Think Twice
Honey, No Singing Gorillas ~ What to give your significant other for Valentine's Day? Think twice when sending a special gift to the office. Is the gift appropriate? Will the boss find it offensive? Christie Nightingale, owner of Premier Match offered advice regarding gift giving in the work place. 'Be conscious of your partner's office environment. While the gesture might be thoughtful, hiring an actor to sing a sappy love song or sending a huge bouquet with balloons may not go over well with superiors.' Nightingale explained. Suggestions and alternative gifts were discussed.

Forbes Magazine

Getting Creative in Searching for Someone Special
“For some guys, unemployment is the last thing they want to reveal to a potential date. Even if men aren’t expected to pay for a date, they feel pressure from women who are looking for someone who is financially stable. ’It seems men are very careful not to say they are unemployed, they find ways to make it sound like it’s not permanent, which of course it isn’t,’ states Christie Nightingale of Premier Match, with clients in New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. Nightingale states women are very accepting of the present situation, ’It’s the times that we’re in.’”