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Seeking out your own Prince Charming?
With the Royal Wedding happening today how can American women find their very own prince? Christie Nightingale of Premier Match leads a lively discussion on where to go and where to find single men that are wealthy and searching for love. Nightingale continued with tips on where the ultra rich mix and mingle and what a single woman should do to put herself out there and meet men of this caliber.

The Strategy Room
New Trends in the World of Relationships - It's a New Year and Matchmaker Christie Nightingale reveals her secrets on how to get out and find that lasting relationship! Offering tips from her Singles Guide to Creating a New Datable You: Taking responsibility for your lack of dates, reevaluating your type and broadening your search by throwing away your criteria list were a few of the tips featured. Fox host, Kimberly Guilfoyle offered her comments, along with guests, relationship therapist Dr Dale Archer and radio personality and writer, Diana Falzone.

Money Rocks with Eric Bolling
Premier Match's Christie Nightingale joined in on a panel of guests covering the topic: "People will spend money on that?" Money Rocks, host Eric Bolling, covered a variety of examples of what people are spending their money on ~ such as the latest Porsche costing $600K car, taking cruises for medical reasons (botox, teeth whitening) amoungst others. Nightingale gave insight into her clients' spending behavior and to what lengths they will go to find romance.

The Strategy Room
What are today's challenges for single professionals seeking love and marriage? It appears to be limited time, and resources. "The people that we represent certainly don't have a problem getting dates it's just extremely hard trying to find the right person," explains Christie Nightingale, owner of Premier Match, "Everyone is working really hard and they just don't have the time to invest in a full-fledged search. That's where we come in." Nightingale boasts that by working with her and her team, she can slant the odds in a client's favor of finding love. Premier Match represents over 10,000 members throughout the country and also has affiliates in Europe.

Single in Chicago? You're Not Alone
By Joanie Lum, FOX Chicago News
Chicago - If you're single and don't want to be, where you live might be to blame. While Chicago has been rated the 13th best city to meet people, it appears Chicagoans don't have enough gyms and nightclubs; places to meet single people. According to a local psychologist who studies courtship, dating coach Dr Paul Dobransky blames Chicago's weather as the biggest roadblock to romance. 'In Chicago, if you haven't coupled up by November for a winter romance, you might be out of luck,' says Dobransky . Professional matchmaker Christie Nightingale agrees with Dobransky as she has witnessed this phenomenon within her own database of clients living in northern cities that she services. Nightingale also states that present technology - social networking and communicating online has caused many single individuals to stay in and develop cyber relationships rather than getting out and meeting people in person.

Can you put a Price Tag on Love?
If you found true love... could you put a price tag on it? Well a slew of singles are choosing to spend big bucks for professional matchmaking to find that special someone. Premier Match owner, Christie Nightingale joined the hosts of the widely popular Happy Hour segment to explain how professional matchmakers are thriving in the age of internet dating.

The Love Business is no Match for Recession
Apparently when it comes to the Love business, there doesn’t seem to be a downturn. “Business is booming and we are so busy,” states Christie Nightingale, interviewed by anchors, Tom Sullivan and Cheryl Cassone. “I truly believe during tough times people feel a need to reach out to one another for love and support, and if they’re single and do not have a significant other in their lives, they are going to reach out to venues that can help them achieve that goal.” When asked why singles would pay hefty prices for her matchmaking services, especially in this economic climate, Nightingale responded by stating that her clients are very focused on wanting a relationship and wanting one now. “My clients realize that when they hire a service like Premier Match, they are going to receive the highest level of service and that we’re truly dedicated to the process. If you want the job done right, you outsource to the pros. Our fees are reasonable when one understands that it is an investment that can change your life.”