The London Paper

How to Fix Up your Single Mates
“If you’re spending your weekends listening to your single friends’ tales of dating woe, you might be tempted to step in and fix them up yourself. But an introduction simply prompted with a badly timed remark could be the difference between being helpful and tactless. Premier Match talks us through how to get it right. From laying the groundwork, offering the Fix Up, getting the Feedback and encouraging a second date, being a liaison and offering a gentle nudge may result in a relationship that might not have ever gotten off the ground. In studies, it has been proven that if a woman is open to going out with a man a second or even a third time, (and this is a man that she was not initially crazy about), she may end up dating him seriously and marrying him. All in all when the matching process is over, pat yourself on the back. You have given it your best shot. Everyone knows how hard it is to get a date in this city of London.”