London Times

The Millionaires’ Matchmakers play Cupid to Bankers and Celebrities, but can they Find Love for our Cash-strapped and Serially Single Writer?
“Being a single 33-year-old journalist living in London, I have signed up to find out whether millionaire dating agencies are more effective than any other way of meeting a man - a pastime to which I have devoted the better part of 15 years and which, so far, has yielded relationships long and short, hilarious and tragic, fulfilling and flighty, but never one with the ingredients to last a lifetime. I meet with Mairead Malloy, aka Cupid, Irish-born, fast-talking founder of Berkeley International. According to its website, is a “specialist agency offering an exclusive, discreet introduction service to find perfect partners and soul mates for discerning, affluent members”. To you and me, this translates as a dating agency for the very rich. Molloy has picked three dates for me; two are in London and one in New York, where I will be set up with Berkeley’s sister company, Premier Match..... In New York, I meet a gentleman that works in hedge funds - our preliminary phone chat leads to a meeting in the lobby of an up town members’ club where we sit in huge armchairs, metres apart, and make polite conversation about the drop in share prices while I gulp a martini and he pineapple juice. I text Malloy and tell her my date was nice, but... the next day I get a text from Premier in New York: ‘He LOVES you!!!,’it reads. ‘Oh dear,’ I reply. One of the reasons I imagine that these services do so well is that their enthusiasm would encourage even the churchiest of mice out for a second time.”