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Royal Wedding: How to land your very own prince
Don't lie, women of New York: Many of you are secretly wishing you're the one being whisked down a royal wedding aisle today. 'It's not impossible to land your own royal hunk,' says Christie Nightingale, owner of high-end matchmaking service Premier Match. 'A lot of men of this caliber gravitate toward educated and cultured women,' she notes. But is it possible on American soil? Just follow the advice of our experts: 'Your style should be classic,' advises Nightingale 'Couture all the way. Wear St. John, Prada and Yves St. Laurent. If you can't afford those labels, shop at high-end consignment shops. You should look clean, slick and stylish. You have to spend money to attract money. Attend as many charity events as you can. Even better, try to land a spot on a non-profit board.' A good place to meet rich men according to Nightingale is at the Mark Hotel, Nobu and Lavo; and summer in the Hamptons.