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Valentine's Day Answers from Philly Matchmakers
Sometimes men and women can take the whole Valentine's Day thing a bit more seriously than they should, especially if they're single. Premier Match offered some Valentine's Day tips and answered questions pertaining to being single this holiday. Apparently Valentine's Day doesn't have to be celebrated exclusively by couples that are romantically involved. The holiday can be about celebrating love and acknowledging those around us that have a significant impact on our lives. Additional tips were provided on event planning and gift giving.

The Evening Show
Philadelphia singles vow that you can’t put a price tag on love. It appears business is booming for Philadelphia’s top matchmaking firm, Premier Match. Even in the toughest of economic times people are spending money to find love and are reprioritizing what is important in life. Several singles around town were interviewed for the piece, including a couple of Premier Match’s clients to offer an inside perspective about dating trends and what has changed as far as dating behavior.

The Morning Show
NBC News 10 interviewed Christie Nightingale, Principal of Premier Match, to discuss the hot topic right now ~ Dating on a Budget! Notable points and tips were offered such as being creative and seeking out area restaurants that are offering deals, researching various events that are planned around town at local museums and jazz clubs and even encouraging your date to accompany you on a little physical activity like a long walk or possible bike ride. Nightingale stated, “There are so many wonderful considerations when arranging dates. A lot of our clients are becoming a lot more creative and aren’t just going out on the ‘same old dinner and drinks’ dates. Take a little time and research what’s out there. You’ll be amazed with what you’ll find!”