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Single on Valentine’s Day? Its not the End of the World
If you’re single, one of the most dreaded holidays this time of year is: Valentine’s Day. But being dateless on V-Day doesn’t have to be the worst thing that could ever happen to you. So, what is a person to do when they’re feeling the blues of being single? Christie Nightingale, Principal of Premier Match was invited on to the show to offer tips on how to ward off those feelings of self-doubt and loneliness.

Dating Creatively During an Economic Downturn
Dating doesn't have to be difficult or expensive, it's about coming up with a creative game plan and putting it to work. Christie Nightingale was invited to discuss how singles can still enjoy dating effectively without it breaking the bank. Many tips were offered. Nightingale stresses that regardless of what is going on with the economy life continues and one shouldn't withdrawal from dating completely. Her tips certainly offer encouragement.

How to Help Prevent Adultery in a Marriage
Over the past couple of weeks, news headlines have been dominated by men behaving badly. So why are so many people looking for love or lust outside of their own bedrooms? Christie Nightingale of Premier Match is here with her thoughts on the topic.

Where to Meet Your Man - Find Your Prince Charming
We've all heard Kate Middleton and Prince William's love story and we know the details about the wedding-but where can you find your own Prince Charming? Christie Nightingale, owner of Premier Match has some tips on how you can avoid all the frogs and find love and a fairytale ending. -

Spring is in the Air
Spring has finally sprung and DC singles are out in force, frequenting the local singles' locations. Premier Match was featured in this segment, offering the latest Singles Guide on where to go around town to meet other singles. Premier conducted a private survey among their clients and close to 200 local singles responded suggesting their favorite locations. The Guide offers the top four singles bars/restaurants/lounges in the five DC neighborhoods. The Singles Guide is available on Premier's blog:

Meet Someone Special this Holiday Season
When it comes to the holidays, you can't help but think about the ones you love--and that may or may not include a significant other. If it doesn't, you might feel a little left out. Christie Nightingale owner of Premier Match offers tips and advice on how you can easily meet someone special this season. The segment not only covered meeting new people but also offered first gift ideas for newly dating couples and tips on the biggest holiday dating dilemmas.

Dress for Success
When it comes to finding love, are you going about it strategically? Are you meeting the kind of men that you would like to? If you are looking to up the ante to meet high caliber men, Christie Nightingale of Premier Match offers tips to women on how to go about conducting a love search strategically. Aside from mixing and mingling with the ultra rich at various DC hot spots, Nightingale also offers tips on wardrobe and what topics of conversation will keep him interested.

What not to wear on a First Date
Premier Match's Christie Nightingale gave tips on what NOT to wear on a first date. "Business suits, harem pants and prairie dresses are out!" explains Nightingale. Regularly she and her staff offer tips and fashion styling to new clients. Tips and examples were offered on the show.

Dating Expert Christie Nightingale gets us up to Speed on Modern Dating
Have the dating rules changed over time, especially with modern technology and social media? Is chivalry dead? Who should call whom after the first date? According to Nightingale, owner of Premier Match an upscale matchmaking firm working with thousands of singles of all age categories, chivalry is still very much alive and manners are mandatory. "Traditions, such as a man paying for the first date are still the norm. Should women call their date the next day to thank them? By all means! It's the right thing to do!" states Nightingale. Additional circumstances regarding modern dating were also referenced.

Finding Love this Spring
Spring has sprung in the Capitol city and Christie Nightingale, owner of Premier Match, joined host Natasha Barrett to discuss suggestions on where to go and what to do to meet quality singles. Nightingale mentioned that at Premier, each client is encouraged to offer feedback on their dates and it's through this feedback that she can keep hot lists of the latest and greatest things to do around town. "Aside from matchmaking, we also work very much like concierge service offering the latest suggestions on what to do. I keep a suggestion list in each city that I represent and my clients love it," states Nightingale. Locations and events that are presently happening were also discussed on the show.

Valentine's Day - What to Do, What to Give??
Love is in the air and Christie Nightingale, owner of Premier Match is offering tips and guidance on what to do and what to give on Valentine's Day. 'The gift you choose for your significant other says a lot about how you value your relationship.' Nightingale says. 'This year, put a little extra effort into this special day and come up with a unique Valentine's idea.' Nightingale also stresses that the gift/event be thoughtful, personalized and have meaning. 'It shows that you care and pay attention to the little things that are important in your relationship.'"

Let’s Talk Live!

Cougars: Are women on the hunt for younger men? It appears so!
Matchmaker and relationship expert, Christie Nightingale was invited on to the show to explain this growing trend. "It seems a lot more acceptable in society for older women to date younger men," Nightingale explains, offering her own experiences within her dating service. Nightingale states that she has seen a 30% increase in women this year alone that only want to be matched with younger men. But are the men into it? "Yes, I have a small percentage that are," Nightingale says. "These young men have actually confessed that they would prefer to date older women because they are sick and tired of dating women their age that act immature and play mind games."

Pickup they work?
Are they ice breakers or deal breakers? According to Premier Match's Principal Christie Nightingale, they do work to a certain degree. "If a gentleman is trying to meet a woman, getting an initial reaction out of her which may result in a laugh is a good thing. It's about breaking the ice and now developing some dialogue." states Nightingale. However, Nightingale along with co-hosts Doug McKelway and Natasha Barrett agreed initial attraction is critical for any pickup line to be successful. Several examples of pickup lines were discussed and rated as the most effective to the most ridiculous.

The Dating Game.
Premier Match was invited onto the popular DC talk show to discuss the latest dating trends with co-hosts Doug Mckelway and Natasha Barrett. Premier’s Principal, Christie Nightingale offered her insight as a seasoned matchmaker and provided several examples of how dating has changed over the past ten years that she has been in business.

Hungry for love?
It seems matchmakers are thriving during this economic slump. Christie Nightingale was invited onto the popular DC talk show and interviewed by Doug McKelway and Natasha Barrett. Nightingale discussed why singles are increasingly searching for love and contacting matchmakers when the economy is suffering. In addition, she gave insight into the differences of dating behavior in various parts of the country where it seems the economy is affecting certain people more than others.