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Cat's Out of the Bag for Cougars
"It's time for mature, accomplished women to climb into bed, alone, and shut the light. It's not safe out there. Like a recurring nightmare of menopause, cellulite and tragic muffin tops, the 'Sex and the City' broads are back in our faces. The Four Dames of the Apocalypse once brought us cosmos, Manolos and kinky fun with their rampant consumerism and anonymous sex. Now, each of these ladies returns in the new movie 'Sex and the City 2.' In its inescapable trailer, we learn that, this time, the joke is on the aging babes. It seems our culture has taken a hard look at the creature dubbed the 'cougar' -- an oldish predator of the female persuasion -- and accepted it as mainstream. Christie Nightingale, owner of New York's Premier Match has stated that she receives hundreds of calls from women seeking younger men. 'A lot of women think they can capitalize on this whole [cougar] thing,' she says. 'They think they're really youthful, but they're not being realistic. Men are OK with women five years older but 15? I have to be blunt and candid with these people and turn them away.'"

I’m OK, You’re UK
Us Gals Dip into Her Majesty’s Secret Service

“There’s something about British men, and now, thanks to a weak dollar that’s driving them here in, well, droves, American women are taking full advantage.

This is one reason Liz Kramer signed up with Premier Match, a high end dating service that formed an alliance with London’s Berkeley International so that she could be introduced to British men. She appreciates their accents, dapper attire, impeccable manners - and, yes, even their good looks, dental issues notwithstanding.

She’s not alone. ‘They’re taking advantage of the weak dollar’, says Premier Match, ‘it’s kind of a British invasion, with more clients coming over here.’ With the weak dollar making New York City a relative bargain, Berkeley’s London clients can sign up with Premier for basically half the price. The latest figures show Brit visitors to the city jumped about 25 percent, from 1.4 million in 2006 to 1.7 million in 2007, according to NYC & Co., the city’s marketing and tourism group. They’re here to do business, buy properties, shop - and, it turns out, date.

Andrew James, who is in real estate, divides his time between London and New York. He bought a Manhattan apartment two months ago, so when he joined Berkeley he also signed up for Premier’s services. Since then, he's dated five New York women. ‘There are a lot of very pretty girls in New York,’ he explains.

James finds American women are drawn to him, as well. ‘Maybe they're taken in by my roguish good looks and my charms, but it may be my accent.’ Yet, he admits he goes out of his way to pay attention to the women and appreciates the effort they spend to dress for their dates.”