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Living Single: Tips on Keeping a Relationship/Marriage Fresh
For many of us that are married or have been in long term relationships, we know the every day existence of being with your partner can become stale and uneventful, especially if you have been together for several years. Well, in order to reignite the romance and put some sparks back into your relationship, matchmaker and relationship expert, Christie Nightingale, Principal of Premier Match offers some tips on how to keep a relationship and marriage fresh.

Living Single: Approaching a First Date Like a Job Interview
When it comes to a job interview, people make it a point to show up on time, invest in their appearance and put their best foot forward. So why is it when it comes to dating, many single people do not invest in the process as seriously? When you think about it, the techniques are similar. And if someone is serious about finding a lasting relationship, they should approach dating similarly to that of a job interview. Christie Nightingale, Principal of Premier Match has coached hundreds of singles on their dating approach; often referencing the parallels of dating to a job search.

Living Single: Fresh Ideas For Spring Dating
It's time to capitalize on the warmer weather! As the temperature starts to rise, people shed their coats and their long faces. The mood lightens as the days brighten... Studies show that sunlight releases hormones in our brain (oxytocin) which in turn has proven to increase our desire for romance. Christie Nightingale, owner of Premier Match states that each year during the springtime, she sees a tremendous increase in calls from singles seeking love. Not only do they seem more anxious to get out and start meeting people but they also seem to express a stronger desire to get serious and seek out a special romantic relationship. Often asked where to go and what to do when the weather turns nice again, Nightingale offers tips on what a single person should do around the New York area to meet and mingle with other singles.

Living Single: Dating after Divorce
Rather than delve into the stress of dating, many divorcees choose to isolate themselves from dating and romance. Indeed, a recent study found that 55% of divorced people reported having "zero" dates during a given month; some claiming months pass without experiencing any social encounters such as dates. When we deny our desire and need for love, we are in essence denying our emotional needs. So how can you date after divorce -- and safeguard your heart and home at the same time? Christie NIghtingale, principal of Premier Match, joined WPIX to offer tips and advice on the topic.

The Top 5 Biggest Dating Mistakes
Did you know you might be committing these dating mistakes? Upscale Matchmaker Christie Nightingale stopped by WPIX in New York City to talk about her dating don'ts ~ and why so many singles commit these common sense faux pas on dates.

How to Score (a Partner) During a Recession
~ The recession has some men and women shifting priorities. They’re placing more emphasis on personal relationships rather than professional commitments, and are turning to traditions like matchmaking to make that happen. Christie Nightingale revealed the connection between the economy and relationships; she explained how to score the perfect partner and how her company, Premier Match can help make that happen!