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Soaring Success: A Date with Destiny

Dating Service: Million-Dollar Match for First Time Entrepreneur.

"Christie Nightingale wasn't looking for a date. But she was counting on the notion that plenty of upscale professionals were. When creating a perfect small business match, Nightingale researched the dating industry and discovered a niche that was not being served. 'At the time, back in 2000, there were a lot of franchise dating services and a few Internet dating sites. It seemed there was an entire populace of educated, hard-working professionals that weren't being marketed; they were too upscale to sign on with the mainstream dating services and they didn't have the time to attempt to search online themselves,' Nightingale explains. Thus Premier Match was founded. This upscale matchmaking service has grown to cover the New York Tri-state area, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and is now partnered with services in Los Angeles, San Francisco and the United Kingdom."