USA Today

When Love is Discreet (Life Section cover story)
“Matchmaking is a serious business when it comes to high-end clients. Matchmakers cut to the chase as more well-heeled professionals are paying big bucks to these ‘headhunters for the heart.’ Christie Nightingale states that Premier Match is like a concierge service. ’It’s personalized and caters to your personal and confidential search.’ Nightingale accepts male and female clients because she believes there is a higher level of commitment if both parties pay.”

John Mayer Strums Star Heartstrings
“Though John Mayer, 30, has said he ’just doesn’t go for celebrities,’ the singer has been linked with quite a few women who are just that. As recently as this past weekend, Mayer was seen in Mexico with current flame Jennifer Aniston. What makes these ladies susceptible to Mayer’s mystique? ’He’s the classic deep and soulful musician,’ says Stacy Kaiser, a psychotherapist and relationship expert who appears on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. ’What woman wouldn’t want a song such as Your Body Is a Wonderland, one of Mayer’s hit singles, written about her?’ Kaiser adds. ’Furthermore, Mayer is an overall good guy’, says Christie Nightingale, who runs Premier Match, a high-end matchmaking company. ’He seems to be in touch with his emotional side,’ Nightingale says. ’Most girls swoon over that.’”