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A Guide to Peacocking: How to be the Life of the Party
“Stressed out about the office Christmas party or your neighbor’s drop-in bash for New Year’s Eve? You could send your regrets, or show up and hide in the corner while pretending to text all night. Or you could go the other way and dazzle the guests with your outfit, wit and charm. Premier Match, the DC matchmaking firm offers a guide to peacocking, or in other words, how to be the life of the party.”

The Valentine's Day Issue - Questions of the Heart
Sure Valentine's Day may be the machination of the Love Industrial Complex , but at the Post, we can see through the flowers and heart shaped candy boxes - right through to the good intentions. It is, after all, a prime opportunity to appreciate the one we're with, or to dream up ways to take that great first date to the next level. But how? Well, we went on a hunt for answers to some of the most frequently asked dating questions - answers from Premier Match, an upscale matchmaking firm with an office in DC.

When asked: After a first great date, how long should one wait before they make contact? Premier believes women should follow up after a great date and thank the gentleman they went out with. It could be a voice mail or a text, it's courteous and appropriate. Men find the act impressive. When asked: Who Pays? Premier encourages that men should pay for the first date; women always appreciate it and for any future planned dates both parties can take turns. Premier also offers great date suggestions in and around town, offering ideas like restaurant dates, like jazz concerts and special cocktail parties that are listed in the weekly guide.

Unemployed Men Struggling in Dating Game

“For some guys, unemployment is the last thing they want to reveal to a potential date. Even if men aren’t expected to pay for a date, they feel pressure from women who are looking for someone who is financially stable. ’It seems men are very careful not to say they are unemployed, they find ways to make it sound like it’s not permanent, which of course it isn’t,’ states Christie Nightingale of Premier Match, with clients in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York. Nightingale states women are very accepting of the present situation, ’It’s the times that we’re in.’”

Online Daters Disenchanted Cyber Dating Turn to Matchmakers

“Rather than risk taking pot luck online, chief executives, entertainers and politicians are among those retaining matchmakers to discreetly ‘headhunt’ and vet the perfect partner. Most professional matchmaker clients turn to these services in the same way they would turn to personal trainers. While the stigma of online dating has waned since Internet dating sites first sent thunderbolts flying into the world of romance and has revolutionized the way people find partners, a large chunk of those looking for love in cyberspace have become disillusioned. According to Premier Match Principal, Christie Nightingale, who runs a non web-based matchmaking service, says roughly 80 percent of her clients have come to her with horror stories of their online dating experiences. While some online daters turn to matchmakers because online misrepresentations can prove dangerous, some are simply annoyed at the tendency of cyber daters lying about themselves.” – (London)