The Return to Romance ~ One Matchmaker explains the Upside of the Financial Crisis

“Making an investment in this troubling economy may seem too risky for some – but when it comes to investing in love – singles are saying, ‘Sign me up!’ Despite the growing uncertainty, stress and financial fears that millions are facing, a group of single men and women are trading in their financial adviser for a love adviser. Could it be that the recession leads to more romance? It’s a look inside the resurgence of matchmaking and how this trend shows no sign of needing a bailout anytime soon.

As the Dow dips, Premier Match’s business is booming. ‘I truly believe matchmaking is recession-proof because it touches upon the emotional side of human beings,’ states Christie Nightingale, Principal. Her roster of soulmate-seekers includes successful bankers, financial planners, doctors and lawyers. So why this sudden urge to splurge on love? Nightingale is witnessing a priority shift from her clients and reveals that more of them are ready to settle down because after they’ve reached their goals and their success they don’t have anyone to share it with. ‘Dating to them has always been a side recreation. A lot of these individuals were so obsessed with work that their top priority was their careers and dating took a back seat. Now, we’re having people come forward and say, ’OK, I want to get serious now.’”