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Single and Of the Fast Track
"For many young New Yorkers working 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. isn't uncommon, especially if you have been working for a big law firm in New York City for years. The daunting workload often forces a person to cancel plans with friends or time at the gym. While much research has been on the work-life conflict focusing on harried working mothers trying to juggle everything, it seems there is an even higher proportion of single women yearning for more free time; 68% of childless women say they would prefer having more time over more money, compared with 62% of women with children, according to a 2011 More magazine survey of 500 college-educated professional women over 34. Without a partner to help, singles must 'get the laundry done, get to the gym, buy groceries and get to the job,' plus plan social activities, volunteer work, etc. As more young adults delay marriage into their 30s while career demands intensify, many increasingly feel overloaded. 'Many set high expectations for themselves, dating, staying in shape, helping family–while still getting stellar performance reviews at work' says Christie Nightingale, owner of Premier Match, a New York matchmaking service that caters to high end professional singles. 'I have tried very hard to assist these high performing singles create a balance between work and their personal lives. In today's society it is difficult to juggle so many different demands at once, but many of our clients have reprioritized their lives to make sure they can fit the time in to date effectively, especially if marriage and starting a family are part of their life's goals.'"

Cupids for Hire
Single New Yorkers love to imagine that they are just to busy to meet someone. If only they had the time, they'd be married by now. Not surprising, the matchmaking business has thrived; catering to these eligibles. Premier Match principal Christie Nightingale states that this winter is peak season for New York matchmakers. 'The guys still have loads of cash from their year-end bonuses, and the holiday parties are a distant memory. They're ready to get serious,' she says. 'It's cold and crappy outside and they don't have anyone romantic in their lives.' New York is one of the best markets for such services.

Watch out Chicago, The Single Scene is Getting a Facelift
- Dr. Paul Dobransky Announces the Launch of and His New Partnership with Celebrity Matchmaker Christie Nightingale

CHICAGO- This weekend in Chicago, dating may change forever. Noted psychiatrist Dr. Paul Dobransky, also known as Dr. Paul, will conduct a remarkable boot camp to show men how to interact better with women. Dr. Paul will be joined by nationally recognized matchmaker and entrepreneur Christie Nightingale. In this extraordinary event, men will receive classroom instruction, then be taken to bars, clubs and restaurants to practice what they've learned.

Starting Up: The Business of Love
“If the plethora of matchmakers, dating web sites and countless reality television shows based on the subject are any indication, finding a date must be a feat of extreme difficulty. And for savvy businesses that offer to help, providing better customer service can set your business apart from the pack. Finding a niche and adding value, Premier Match sits down with each of their clients (typically, executives who eschew the online dating scene) and goes over their respective dating criteria. It is personalized, hands on and very confidential.”