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Goodbye, Happy Hour. Many Young Attorneys Take Dating to the Pros

“Most young attorneys simply don’t have time for Internet love trolling. So, for many winning the love war means turning to a time-honored technique: the Matchmaker. Finding the right match as an attorney isn’t easy, attorneys’ social circles are tight, and they can’t run the risk of getting involved with someone who could damage their reputation. But those who’ve had matchmaking success encourage would-be lawyer lotharios to have patience, perseverance and above all – fun!

Premier Match starts off with an in-person interview. After a thorough screening process, they’ll scour their client database for a potential match. Once they’ve found a possibility, they’ll contact each party, revealing important yet discrete details, like height, education, relationship history and religious beliefs. If both parties like what they hear, then Premier gives the clients each other’s phone numbers, leaving it up to them to arrange a date. Premier Match’s owner, Christie Nightingale says a pre-date phone conversation gives her clients more confidence. ‘Attorneys get this,’ she says. ‘They also love the fact that they’ll be able to conduct soft interrogations over the phone. It’s a different type of energy when they get together in person, and my clients love that.’ Nightingale says Premier has a success rate of 87 percent, based on the number of couples that end up in relationships of at least six months to a year long.”