Three Signs that the Guy that you’re Dating IS the Right Guy for You

After going on what seems like countless dates with individuals that turn out to not be appropriate partners, when you finally meet someone who is right, it is exciting and fabulous! Ladies – here are three signs that the new man you’re now dating is the right guy for you.

1. He makes you want to be a better person – The guy you’re dating enhances you in many ways; to be a better person and a better partner. The way he acts and carries himself makes you want to be kinder and more forgiving, and he motivates and empowers you to reach your goals and go after your dreams. He hasn’t tried to change you, but he wants the best for you and inspires you to grow.
2. He makes you a priority – As busy as we all are, we can make time for things that are at the top of our priorities. If the guy you’re dating puts you at the top of the list, before his other interests, hobbies, or friends, he is definitely showing signs that he is the guy for you. He makes sure that you and the relationship is attended to before entertaining anything else.
3. There’s mutual respect and trust – If the guy you’re dating respects what you say and what you think, and you respect him, you’ve got a keeper. If you find that you’re not detecting red flags or suspicious feelings and concerns, as well as distrust, he’s most likely all in.

A relationship with a guy who treats you well, who honors you, and with whom you trust, is a healthy relationship worth investing into. It’s easy to have feel skeptical that this relationship may be ‘too good to be true’ but look at the facts and listen to your heart; no person is perfect…. but your guy may be perfect for you!