Three Signs that the Guy You’re Dating isn’t the Guy for You

As fun and exciting as it can be to meet new people, and go on dates in search of the right guy, it can be exhausting when the prospects never seem to work out. Because dating can also be frustrating and tiresome, we can often knowingly or unknowingly settle for a person who isn’t the best choice for us. We often coach our women to check for a few tell tale signs about compatibility and if the guy you are dating may be (or may not be) the guy for you. This list consists of three signs where he may not be:

1. You aren’t yourself around him- If you find that in the presence of the guy you’re dating, you dress differently, talk differently, and don’t act the same in your everyday life around friends, family, and coworkers, ask yourself why. Has he made you feel like the way you are normally isn’t good enough? Has he made comments that make you feel he expects you to change? A guy who doesn’t accept you or wants you to change to fit his standards isn’t the guy for you.

2. He consumes your life- Does your new guy want to be the only person you hang out with? Does he allow you to hang with other people, but only if he goes too? There’s a line between affection/quality time and smothering you. If he doesn’t allow you space and time to be alone, or hang with friends, it’s time to let him and his needing and demanding ways go.

3. He’s never available- on the flip side of wanting to be with you all the time is never being available. If your guy can’t seem to find any time in his day to spend time with you, talk on the phone, or even text you back, he either isn’t that into you, or maybe there’s someone else he is more into. The two of you should be able to find a good balance of time spent together to have both of your needs met. If not, tell him goodbye, for good.