Top 6 Dating Habits of Men

With years of experience in the dating field, we certainly understand the dating habits of men. We talk to A LOT of men every day about love, dating and relationships. We assist them with their personal searches and we document all the feedback involving their progress – which offers us a wealth of information about their thoughts, feelings and dating habits.

We came up with this list with the hopes that it will enlighten women on men’s dating habits. So here is our Top Six Dating Habits of Men.

1. Men are not Mind Readers; They Like Transparency

Men are sick and tired of trying to read women’s minds, so convey your feelings to them. They fully admit that they aren’t great at picking up little hints/signals that women give off. They appreciate it when you let them know what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling. So SAY you are enjoying yourself if you truly are and TELL them you are interested in getting together again if you’d like to. Of course if you aren’t interested, then follow up and tell them. Don’t pull a disappearing act and just expect the guy to know what’s going on in your head; offer closure. Send him a reply that is short and to the point but offers kindness and diplomacy. While the decline might be tough to accept, in the long run he will appreciate your candidness so he can move on.

2. Men Quickly Loose Interest with Long Winded, Complicated Conversations

Women love to tell stories and a lot of time the stories include way too many details. Ladies – in order to keep your men’s attention, keep the stories short and on target. Don’t involve too many details that make the story impossible to keep up with. Engage him and ask his opinion on what is being discussed to keep the verbal banter flowing, otherwise you may begin to see his eyes glaze over and his interest gone.

3. Guys Are Visual

We hope you already know this. Men are obviously going to take note of your appearance and how you present yourself. Leave the business attire/pantsuit choices for work only and dress up for your date and wear something feminine. Might we suggest a dress or blouse/skirt ensemble for the first couple of dates? With all the feedback we receive, this is a must when it comes to attracting a man and keeping his interest.

4. Inside Every Man Lives an Inner Horn Dog

Yes, ladies, men are driven by their inner horn dog, so make a mental note. If you don’t believe us, ask any guy about this and you’ll see. Also, when it comes to sex, timing is everything. Whether it’s two drinks or ten dates, you both know when it’s time. However, if you chose to engage in “relations” too quickly, in the back of his mind he’s going to wonder how many times you’ve been this way with others and he’s not going to like it. Again, this is referencing back to our feedback data.

5. He Wants a Lady He Can be Proud of and Show off

Sure, he’ll happily see you and become romantically involved with you if that’s what you want, but ultimately a man wants to show off his woman to his friends, family and business associates ~ and be proud of her for everything that she represents.

6. Men Dread Valentine’s Day

Yes, ladies, the dreaded V-Day. Why do men hate this holiday so much? It all boils down to pressure. What are you expecting of him? What plans for the evening are anticipated? Gifts? Flowers? Jewelry? Lingerie? Ask any man what he thinks of the holiday and he’ll probably reply with a groan. So try to keep the day light hearted, arrange a fun activity, and just don’t put too much pressure on the poor guy.